Emotions Control with 108 stories to laugh

Control emotions with 108 stories to laugh

Controlling emotions will be easier after Ajahn Brahm read


How controls emotions depends on our quality of life.


When we talk about managing emotions, it seems something crazy and out of our control, but after reading this book, I assure you you’ll laugh to recognize that it is easier than you think.

“Do not worry, be angry sui want!” Ajahn Brahm Editorial Kairos.

This that I present, is one of those volumes that you can read in one sitting, but then become very occasionally to enjoy each of the stories he tells you Ajahn Brahm , a Buddhist monk, who tells you from the everyday like being carried away by the river of life, it is a guarantee of emotional well – being.

Through 108 short stories and doing a good exercise of concreteness and just as in each story, the author offers a small blow-caress of consciousness in which, through the smile, you’ll know to find those small keys that make, any event of everyday life, can become a great lesson of life.

Usually we move to blows with excitement, thinking that from that process, we can not do anything to change it, but when you’re finding small “bread crumbs” that Ajahn leaves you in each of their stories, you realize only you are the owner of your positioning against them.

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With an absolute mastery of humorous parable and an inspiration revealing , each of the stories to be reeled in the book, they are become a truly eye – opening lesson of life for the reader. You end up realizing that control emotions is easier than you thought

If you follow regularly my job as a consultant in personal and professional based on mindfulness or mindfulness development, you might have noticed that I am not an “orthodox” theme, but I like to find the practical application of all the teachings to implement them in our daily lives, without having to withdraw from life in an eternal retirement. And that control emotions so they do not control you, it is easier than we think, but needs work and dedication

Life is there, right where you are right now, to feel it , live it and evaluate it . Sometimes you not even have to change his life, but be aware of it, its immediacy and presence in the present moment, to have a better quality of life and go through it with the taste of having the reins and not let others They decide for you.

Read this good book, you’ll realize how much we complicate our lives, of many emotional burdens that we assume believing that it is normal and the many annoyances that are redundant and serve no purpose.

Everything is simpler than we think. The key is to “realize” , as we usually do when we start to practice mindfulness or plena- care that everything is fleeting and that anxiety is usually always appear when we hooked to those negative thoughts that appear when you least expect and believe that emotions catch us, when it is desirable to learn to control emotions to take control of your own life.

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108 stories to learn from life, 108 stories to smile knowingly at what this tells us Brahn “Do not worry, be angry if you want!”.

Not only do I recommend reading it, but when you can, you give away a copy to that person, sure, you know and you know that you need a smile to put aside such concern whose safe solution is to jump in crest of the wave, instead of trying to lunge at it day after day.

“Separating the mind of the difficulties that surround it and follow the “method monk” is one of the invitations that the author makes us at the beginning of the book. Yes, after explaining how it really a banana peel … Yes, that’s Ajahn Brahm, a true master at bringing art from the everyday to the depths of thought and a true “teacher” in the way of learning to control emotions so that they do not control you

A book that, I am sure, will surprise you. What do you expect to read ?.

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