How to learn to meditate correctly

How to learn to meditate correctly 3

There is much talk of meditation and “rivers of ink have been written” about this ancient technique. But many wonder how to learn to meditate properly because there are several ways a meditator may deviate from its path. That’s why we tell you what are some of the dangers of taking on wrong paths in meditation.

If you are looking for how to learn to meditate  , the first thing to consider is the lack of proper motivation. According to the book “The Noble Eightfold Path” immediately after initial intellectual understanding, comes right motivation. This highlights the importance of roots behind the practice of meditation, is the emotional motivation, that are linked to the resignation or absence of greed, the loving kindness and peace and all other human beings.

If you begin to practice meditation without proper understanding, that is, without knowing how to learn to meditate , without the right motivation, then you will follow a path completely wrong. In fact, some have begun the practice of meditation as a way to gain power over others. Others, however, considered it a quick way to gain wealth or fame.

These incorrect motivations can lead people to be careless in practice and therefore lead to diseases and mental imbalance.

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Learning to meditate and its link with pride

If you are interested in learning how to meditate properly, another factor to consider is pride. There is nothing worse in meditation, where personal experience is of paramount importance that a person who has been presented as light shows during meditation and assume that this is a sign that precedes mental absorption.

Then there is the pride of who plays a mental absorption only for a moment and then consider that this can be a powerful factor to convince himself and others. So you must be careful when seeking how to learn to meditate.

Pride is an obstacle to any progress in life, even in meditation. But beware of the desire for progress, since you if you let

You get caught up in it, what begins as the need to find the way to inner peace becomes visions and strange events that have nothing to do with meditation.

As in all aspects of life, attitude is fundamental. And this is the third point to keep in mind when thinking about how to learn to meditate.

Who is dedicated to meditation should be careful attitudes show superior virtues.

If you take into account these three factors when learning how to meditate, then you will achieve avoid the dangers of taking on wrong paths in meditation.