How to Learn to Meditate With Simple Steps

How to Learn to Meditate with Simple Steps 3

Silva Method and Intuition

First of all I would like to rethink some points which we believe that we must learn to meditate to improve our lives.

“The practice of meditation is helpful in everyday life that can eliminate stress so that it is energized and rested.”

“It helps you think more clearly, improve your relationship with yourself and therefore with others”

Everything starts from the knowledge of what we really are , begin the path of our own recovery.
Normally we live in a state of tension and nerves in which our deepest problems are masked by other , more trivial events or also for the succession of days and doing routine work.



Many people are immersed in discomfort and suffering and blame it to external influences. Many of them are convinced of living in a hostile and aggressive world. But explaining the behavior of the people around us it can be understood from our own behavior.
For example, if our attitude is permanently submissive and passive, it is very likely that we are “causing” so the aggressiveness of others.

We must learn to calm ourselves and take things more calmly if we want to be happy and healthy.

Like learning to Meditate With Simple Steps

Sit in easy pose with a straight spine. Flexing arms, bringing the mudra (see image of hands) at heart level, with the forearms parallel to the floor. Mudra is spaced about 10 cm chest with outstretched fingers pointing away from the body.

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  1. The eyes are open facing the tip of the nose.
  2. Inhale, then hold their breath and mentally repeating a mantra of your choice from 11 to 21 times. Not to enforce breathing can be performed Start times it is convenient to the breathing ability of each, as they are more times you perform the exercise, it will be easier to go increasing breathing. The important thing is to do so relaxed.
  3.  Then exhale all the air and mentally repeat the same mantra of 11-21 times.
  4.  Repeat steps for 3 minutes.

This exercise is ideal for relaxing the mind in a few minutes, you can be done before meditation before going to sleep or times you want to be calm.