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A few days ago I returned from Leipzig, Germany, after 10 days at my brother. The experience was profound and not because it was my first trip to the city. My brother, his girl and beautiful people around him were more or less the same as the last time I went.

Place the same people, the same.
What had changed then?
The change was in me .

Today I want to
tell you through my experience, how you too can make any vacation or work experience evolution, an opportunity to grow.

¿Conscious holidays?
¿Conscious holidays?

Immerse yourself in nature

“Can we feel a tree, look, see its beauty, listen to the sound it makes; be sensitive to a small plant, a small grass, to the vine that grows on the wall, the light on the leaves and the many shadows? ”


Almost anywhere you go you can enjoy nature. Sea, rivers, lakes, forests, wetlands, natural parks, animals, jungle, beaches … Get close to nature and consciously live it, feel it . Let it penetrate you, it becomes part of you and you’re part of the landscape. Feel the earth, grass, water, whatever you have under your feet. Close your eyes and breathe. Inhales and exhales softly, slowly and deeply. Stay present with your whole being. Practice the “here and now” as the only place and only time in the world. Heal your mind through union with nature.

In Leipzig there is a beautiful river, a forest that had only seen in cartoons or read fantasy books. There are lakes. There are parks with flowers, grass to sit or lie down and enjoy the moment breathing clean air.

What’s in that place you go on

Immerse yourself in nature
Immerse yourself in nature

Take a walk to your inner child

“If we lose touch with our inner child, do not lose touch with life …”

Paulo Coelho

Listen, that as a child in the end, always wants to play. The inner child is yourself, is that part of you that is not predictable, which by nature are curious and creative. Forget during the holidays so many formalisms, both conditioning and play, play! Run, jump, laugh, scream, cry and play, play hard .

The feeling is liberating and is the best you want to
repeat the experience and will not need to go on vacation to do so. Everything is in your mind. No need to go out for free. You can do it here and now. But sometimes it costs us because there are many layers you carry. Why vacations are an ideal place to let go and take a walk to your inner child now.

I played a lot, yes. In each park, alone or accompanied with every little boy or big boy I found along the way.


Be open to what you have to place you where you’re going

“Why is there, one must wonder, that division: Russian, American, English, French, German, etc., why there is this division between man and man, between race and race, culture and culture, a series of ideologies against another? Why? Where is this separation? It is why we try to find safety, protection in a particular group, or a belief in a specific faith? (…) This terrible desire to identify with a group, with a flag, a religious ritual, etc., makes us feel we have roots, we are not wandering vagabonds. ”


Each site is different, with its customs, its climate, its government, its people … Participate in activities conducted during the time you’re there will help you see another point of view or even learn new things. Investigates and join them feel part of them although “not speak your language.” Mingle, become one with that site and everything it brings, without judging. Stay with the best, with what made you grow and be sure to share it with others.

Then again he is aware that many external differences they have,
are the same thing . We come from the same source and going to her.

In Leipzig I went to a Juggling Festival, an Eco Fair, I walked a lot on bike, I went to a seminar of Yoga for children. I learned all helps you get when you become independent to open your own business. I knew what it is to have a son there from different experiences. What you least expect you can open a window of light to your life.

Also came back to me a familiar feeling.
I’m not from here nor there. I’m not Cuban or Spanish. With love in me I can live anywhere and you can too. As Krishnamurti says, “We are wandering tramps”, although sometimes we stick …

Enjoying the scenery and bike ride
Enjoying the scenery and bike ride
In one of the workshops of the Festival
In one of the workshops of the Festival

practice yoga

“Finding our true selves (drashtu) involves understanding our own nature.”


Everything I’ve said before is a form of yoga practice ????become one with everything and everyone. Live a vacation from consciousness and love. But my invitation to practice is a little wider.

Take time also to the practice of physical yoga.
A few minutes in the morning you will come great to start the day. You’re with high energy and a calm mind. Take time also to breathe calmly. Meditates.

And then when you go out to the street watch yourself.
How is your relationship with people? What goes through your head when you see something new? Your trip abroad an opportunity to continue your inner journey of self – knowledge.

I also invite you to find out if taught yoga in that place where you’re going.
If so, you can enjoy a new experience with a new teacher, new classmates. And if you can do yoga in nature do not waste it . It is a unique experience for all senses.

It is estimated that in Leipzig, about 500 thousand inhabitants (similar to Alicante), there are about 300 teachers of yoga. There is yoga for children, for pregnant women, for seniors, for parents with children, for businesses, for singles yoga … breathe in the city. There are many people on the road to know its nature.

yoga breathing
yoga breathing

Reaches people

“Self – knowledge arises when we realize ourselves in the relationship, which shows us what we are from moment to moment. Relationship is a mirror in which we see ourselves as we really are. ”


This is the greatest gift that you can do on any trip you make. No matter you come to Denia holiday as you’re doing it 10 years ago or go to an “exotic” place. Getting to know the people there, have the opportunity to know how they live, what they feel, what their concerns are and how to face them, how to smile and how to love … is a gift from the left. Maybe you get home with the feeling that it can do to your neighbor who has spent 15 years living next to you and you just know that the car moves. It’s a gift for your soul and is another step in this path of self-knowledge, because through relationships we can observe better and get to know more.

It is possible that the Germans are cold. But it was not what got me chill them. I noticed tranquility. I went to a mall where only the front door opening and closing was heard, and was full of people. You may be stressed by it conditionings of society. But I saw the part where relaxed. Perhaps, as a German friend told me, “you attract what attracts” ????

I felt the affection of the people I knew and I met on this trip.
So kind, so simple, So full of love!

I also watched a
lot during the trip. Various emotions come and gone. The welcomed, he accepted them feeling that everything was perfect, it ‘s all part of the process, although sometimes it costs a little to see it.

Some of the angels of the road
Some of the angels of the road

Your next trip?

Already you have planned a trip? Or maybe now you’re yourself out. No matter whether at home or away. Enjoy your holiday as you continue to walk the path of self – knowledge and peace. The path of yoga.

Surely you notice, as I noticed on this trip, which is
a change. See more, you feel and perceive more. Experience it and let me know!

A hug of light,



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