Meditation courses

Meditation courses 3

Silva Method and Intuition

Some years ago that meditation has become almost a fad for all the West, it seems that the high degree of stress we are experiencing leads us to look outside of what society shows how vital, to start looking for an answer within ourselves. We know what society wants from us, but what we want, what we need, which is what instinctual nature as it is in essence wants from us and for us. And the answer appears, for many people, through meditation.

Across western meditation is a way of life, it is health is needed. When wanting to meditate While we’re on the subject since some time ago recognize meditation as a practice that we as a part of our daily lives, those just starting, need help, this You can get through from a friend who already practice meditation or, of course, from the meditation courses.

Meditation courses

We can find meditation courses of different styles , different oriental currents, but everyone agrees that it is through meditation the way in which get get into ourselves, communicate with our being able to feel true peace.

But beware, in most cases it is not reached with such specific meditation or deep end, why do I say this? Because today people seek to learn to meditate because they need to relax, they need to rest your mind, refresh your being. And in that case as quickly and effectively is to start a meditation course.

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Courses or virtual meditation: What is the difference?

Both face seminars and digital course of the Silva Method Life are based on mental development program created by Jose Silva and has more than 10 million graduates worldwide.

Yet each has its own methodology: while the face seminar requires your presence, time and dedicaci├│ndurante two intensive days; the digital option allows you to take the course at your own pace, repeat as many times as you need and consult with the team of customer service agents at all times.

They are two different options with the same goal: to ensure the welfare and make the rest of your life the best of it. What we do know is that one is not a substitute for the other but complement each other, which means to perform one does not mean discarding the other.