Meditation: Foods That Improve happiness

Meditation: foods that improve happiness 3

Silva Method: Meditation and food for good mood

The quality of life you have equals the attitude with which you take life.

So we want to remember something: keep the mood is vital to accomplish everything you set out to have a richer, fuller life, to live better and be happier.

If you’re in a good mood, your life will be too ????

Did you know that people who have a positive attitude do better?

But not all have good humor also helps to have a healthier life, guarantees a style more quiet and pleasant life, brings better physical and mental health, provides greater opportunities for success, reduces stress and anxiety, helps always act in the best way possible, prevent disease and give greater ease to new relationships.

And besides all that, studies show that people who maintain a positive attitude can live up to seven years longer than those with a negative or conformist attitude.

So from the Silva Method we propose a plan for you to do the rest of your life the best of your life : spend a few minutes a day to meditate while your habits incorporate a number of foods that improve mood.

Do you dare to take a bite to happiness?

Meditation: Take a few minutes a day to meditate

Has over a hundred recognized benefits is one of the oldest practices that exist and gives better results than many of the remedies that sell the experts.

Yes, we are talking about meditation and among many other benefits has the ability to improve your mood, bring you a better perspective on life, enhance your mood and guarantee greater optimism for firmer go to your accomplishments.

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So from Silva Method we invite you (if you do not already), and you destinies few minutes a day to meditation, to devote time for you to disconnect from the noise outside and enjoy the peace of a more peaceful and harmonious life .

It’s much easier than you think: if you meditate regularly and know what we mean. And if you still do not decide to meditate, now is your time: sign up for our free mini-course ” You borderless ” and receive our famous Alfa audio to enter and achieve successful meditation.

Once you start to notice the benefits of meditation, all barriers disappear and raisins to become the person that achieves all your goals while enjoying the life you have.

If you do not find a technique that works for you, you can try deep breathing:

1) Sit in a comfortable position, close your eyes and begin to observe the sensations of your breathing.

2) Pay attention to what you feel as the air passes through your nose into the lungs and back out through your mouth.

3) It is not necessary to control or force the breath in any way. Simply observes, contemplates.

4) If your mind gets lost in your thoughts do not worry or criticize yourself: is normal especially at first. Gently focus your attention back to your breath and continues.

5) Keep it a few minutes and then slowly open your eyes. This simple action will fill you with well – being, relaxation and conviviality.

Silva Method: 4 foods that increase happiness

But what if in addition to a few minutes each day to meditate include in your eating routine a number of foods that enhance good mood and improve happiness?

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Combine meditation with good nutrition is essential to live happier, and that is something that the rush and pace of modern life often prevents us from doing.

So we want to share you some foods that will help you improve your mood and be happier because they contain the protein tryptophan, which promotes the production of serotonin (also known as the “happiness hormone”).

The truth is that there is food for all. So after talking to you in another article about foods that relax, today we shared 4 foods that have amazing properties to make you feel happier: it is the banana or banana, chocolate, pineapple and pepper or chili.

1) The banana has a calming effect on the nervous system and encourages positive thinking and optimism. It also helps produce serotonin, the happiness hormone, so you will greatly improve your mood.

2) chocolate , in small portions, is a cocktail of perfect happiness.
To consume our body increases levels of serotonin and therefore makes us enjoy feelings of peace, happiness and welfare. In addition, power performance and stimulates circulation.

3) The pineapple is a perfect ally against frustration and stimulates physical well – being. It also generates vitality and optimism, calms anxiety and soothes nerves. Another benefit is that stimulates circulation and metabolism and helps in problems of concentration and motivation.

4) The pepper contains a substance called capsaicin that combats anger, depression and frustration. When we eat chili, we felt a slight burning sensation on the tongue, so that the brain perceives it as pain and counteracts releasing endorphins, which enhance wellbeing.

If you introduce these four foods in your daily life you will not be the happiest person in the world, for that you must do your part and spend, for example, a few minutes to meditate, but is guaranteed if you feel much better.

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9 foods that support good humor

And in addition to these 4 foods that improve your levels of happiness, there is known around the world and consists of nine foods that have unique properties to maintain good humor list.

It is shown that consuming these foods promotes optimism, good humor, laughter and improves the perspective with which one sees the world.

Would you like to know which ones are they?

It is the milk , the cold water fish (salmon, mackerel, sardines …), the strawberries , the spinach (for its source of folic acid, also present in sunflower seeds, leafy greens, broccoli, oatmeal, peas , lentils, mustard …), the yams or sweet potatoes, Brazil nuts , the yogurts low in fat, caffeine (but not soft drinks!) and ricotta
And now that you know the recipe to be always in a good mood, what prevents you from not having a life of balance and well – being?

But for that, you must also devote the time you deserve. Begins to give you small moments and share many others with people who are important in your life, try to always grow, showing gratitude, appreciate the little moments, always laughs you can, eat healthy and varied, take a few minutes to meditate, listen to music makes you feel good, wear lenses optimism and you never give up.

Is it hard to be in a good mood? We all have happier than other days, but if you practice our “recipe” of meditation and mood-enhancing foods are convinced that still have a more positive attitude.

What do you think of this? Tell us your questions, your concerns and your experiences … We are here to help at all times.