Silva Mind Control Method and 8 Tips to Improve your concentration

Silva method and mind control: 8 tips to improve your concentration 3

Mind control: Remove distractions

How many times have you tried to carry out your daily activities but were prevented several distractions that you focus on your tasks?

That is one of the most common problems in most people; and it is that much of our daily activities require a great deal of concentration but nevertheless it is very difficult to maintain it.

Did you know that the concentration is considered the source of success, and she is the key that makes a difference between a person who achieves good results and one not?

In this article we tell you more about it as you need it to achieve what you want or is shown to improve learning and memory.

And best of all, absolutely all have the ability to develop our capacity for concentration.

Thanks to these 8 tips that come from the hand of the neuropsychologist Marisa Fernandez you’ll also learn how to be a much more concentrated with all that this implies person.

Silva Method 8 tips to avoid distractions

1. Use your metacognition.

Learn how attention works in general, the distractors that affect you, and when you begin to weary you are fundamentals that will help you better manage your attentional resources.

2. Make regular breaks and better in natural environments.

Several studies such as that conducted by Marc G. Berman and colleagues at the University of Michigan in 2008 have shown the power of natural environments such as forests and parks to reduce attentional fatigue.

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So look for a small park and take a short walk approximately every two hours.

3. Train your cognitive abilities.

An increasing number of scientific publications that claim to improve mental abilities is something possible.

Thanks to the Silva Method you can learn more than 20 techniques and tools that take you to unleash all your mental abilities so you can take your life to the next level; including’ll learn how to ward off stress, solve your problems or concentrate better to achieve what you propose.

Go here to read more about the Silva Method and how through the training program the most advanced to date mind you can achieve absolutely everything you propose in all areas of your life. Read more about the Silva Method on this page.

4. Change your environment.

It is highly recommended that you remove from your environment as much as possible distracters. Television, people talking or music from your favorite band will capture your attention preventing the devote to the important task.

It is also important that you are comfortable, so do not forget to control the room temperature, use a comfortable chair, etc.


5. Practice meditation.

In 2007 a team of researchers led by Yi-Yuan Tang, described in an article published in the scientific journal PNAS to train 20 minutes a day for five days was sufficient to improve performance in a test of attention while reducing anxiety and fatigue.

In the Silva Method no matter how much experience you have in meditation it is designed so that all students can learn how to get the most out of meditation and use it not only to improve concentration and ward off stress but to achieve much bigger goals .

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6. Change of content.

This will prevent you get bored doing the same thing all day.

Alternate materials or tasks and degree of difficulty, or type of learning strategies that you should implement. If you avoid saturate you’ll keep motivation.

7. Get organized to control anxiety.

Sometimes we have so much to do we do not know where to start, and when we grow, invade our thoughts and concerns about what we still have to do.

A good strategy to avoid those distracting thoughts is to organize daily activities and keep a schedule, it will facilitate us to focus every time the task that we have to perform.

8. Make exercise.

A whole body of publications points in the direction that exercise improves cognitive performance.

Michele T. Allison G. Butler Tine and in 2012 published an article in the journal Experimental Educational Psychology at which demonstrated that the brief aerobic exercise (12 minutes) improved the ability of selective focus on a group of children.

We know the task is tough, so do not forget reforzarte for the effort. Of course, it is important to reward yourself, do it for fulfilling a particular goal.

For example, if you fancy getting up ‘to see what’s in the fridge’, do it when you have completed a part of your job, but not leave it halfway. So you know better the prize.

And you, do you have trouble concentrating on your work? What do you think is the cause of your distractions? What are you concentrating? We hope your answers????

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