symptoms of anxiety and stress work. The 5 keys

5 Keys to see the symptoms of anxiety and stress at work

Symptoms of anxiety and stress at work, should be the prelude to “realize” that this path is going to self-destruct. Put up barriers as the first symptoms of anxiety and stress at work is necessary for a healthy life and peace.


Work stress and anxiety paralyze your life. Gánalos !!


In the 80s and 90s, that stress and job anxiety was not so frowned upon and not had a serious problem, but rather as a symptom of a will was “hard worker” is as real as that in the XXI century, symptoms of anxiety and stress at work, determine not only a bad relationship with time, but the problem of “misrule” of companies and organizations.

Allow at workplaces, symptoms of anxiety and stress at work, are the order of the day, it is one of those absurd anachronisms that are experienced in many workplaces. Today, for ethical, moral, health and even economic implications, the fight against stress and job anxiety, should be No. 1 goal of any self-respecting leader.

But how can we assess that we are subjected to these symptoms of anxiety and stress at work ?.

I want to show you 5 simple keys to know when, really, you get to work to end a plague that comes to break the serenity and peace in your life and, no doubt, are the prelude of discomfort and disease.

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No I have time . Overwork, poor time management, the imposition of excessive workload, are behind the early symptoms of anxiety and stress at work. They are the result of a fatal deception. It is not possible in the era of technology, it will have to endure even greater workloads. Poor organization by the management of companies and organizations, usually behind this scourge. Stress and anxiety when the competition is over coopetition, appears

-Bad relationship with food. This is an era in which “healthy eating” fortunately starting to be fashionable and seriously. The fact is that one of the symptoms of anxiety and stress at work, usually that bad relationship with food processes, reflected in an excessive intake not meet what we eat and not attend to the way we eat.

‘I can not breathe. Breathing is life. Does anyone have any doubt ?. The problem is that neither attend to our breathing, and focus our attention on it as a powerful tool against stress and anxiety, and are aware of their relationship with the sense of full, serene and at peace with ourselves life that is true prelude to happiness. Anxiety and stress, and much determine our quality of breathing, which is usually poor with what is a deficit of oxygen, resulting in higher rates of fatigue and bad relationship with our body.

-Desgana widespread and chronic fatigue. Speaking of symptoms of anxiety and stress at work, this would be something that would encompass almost all other symptoms. When neither happy nor serenity reigns today, and look at life with the quiet of inner peace, we do not give you time or the body or the mind to recover. The question though is certain painful to start changing that, I must be do you really want to take this life I lead?

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No sleep well . As the quality of our breathing, the quality of our sleep is another key to discovering the symptoms of anxiety and stress at work. Mired in the era of globalization, we have not learned to relate well with our time and our space. We have all kinds of offers to go to bed late. If that sums up the mental fatigue product of stress and anxiety, the bomb is about to explode in sickness format. Is the life you want to lead?

These 5 simple keys to “realize” the symptoms of anxiety and stress at work should serve to start putting solutions even if they cost.

Seriously I tell you. Only from here now, you can begin to change habits and improve quality of life , among other things because you are not going to let you get back to square one.

Here I leave short of my friend José Anguiano to serve you as food for thought and a book highly recommended for you that will inspire yes, you can change even if it costs more other 5 key that will improve your life

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And of course, invite you to experience the practice of mindfulness or mindfulness as a fundamental tool to exit the wheel stress and anxiety, and be aware that there is another way to be, be, do and have in life .


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