The Kabbalah and Jewish mysticism of the psychology.

Kabbalah and psychology of Jewish mysticism.  Knowledge and spirituality

Kabbalah a book by Mario Javier Saban really interesting for those who want to know and deepen about psychology from Judaism.


“Kabbalah. Psychology of Jewish mysticism “Mario Javier Saban. Editorial Kairos

Cabala. Says “Wikipedia” about it being “a discipline and school of thought esoteric related to Judaism , which uses several methods to analyze hidden meanings of the Torah (sacred Jewish text, which Christians call the Pentateuch, and represents the first five books of the Bible) “.

I never before had I approached the Jewish mysticism. If I have done in the Buddhist tradition, Christianity through their mystics and Sufism in the Muslim tradition, but got my hands on this interesting volume of Mario Javier Saban who posted the Editorial Kairos and decided to proceed with its reading.

I must confess that was an interesting discovery, but it is the first time I read something about Kabbalah, took me into reading.

This is a complete study of the transpersonal dimension of Jewish spirituality into something that has come to be seen as the Yoga of the West and the art of reading the Bible. For another approach to the discovery of Kabbalah is recommended (as I have done to know) reading the book of Mario Satz “What is Kabbalah” t lso published by Kairos.

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The book is the doctoral thesis that Mario Javier Saban presented at the Ramon Llull University and is “psychological design applications Jewish kabbalah and in particular, the symbol of the Tree of Life.”

Says the author to frame the work of the book “Working the meaning of human existence from childhood to extract, as we say in the cabal’s Rooter of the soul of the person, it is essential to really achieve inner happiness ; an inner happiness is not dependent on our outside but our self – perception “ a real awakening of consciousness and that is where I expected to find some similarity with the practice of mindfulness or mindfulness.

Divided into four parts and other conclusions, Kabbalah Saban is a dense book and going better go slowly if, like me, have not read before anything about Kabbalah.

The Sefirot of the Tree of Life, the self, the inner emptiness, the transcendent happiness and the conclusions are the parts that divides this large volume of nearly 700 pages.

Great job to slide our attention to other wisdoms that claim, like all others, putting the spotlight on the human soul to achieve this happiness that we all crave through higher states of consciousness.

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