Wellness: The incredible power of gratitude (and how That changes your life!)

The importance of gratitude and meditation

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Are only seven letters, it is easy to pronounce and certainly it was one of the first words taught you to say.

Without it you’re probably sad, moody, nervous, stressed and weak.

Not only that: you will be more away from the life you want and the people you care about, to have an iron, a loaded peace and harmony, to live full of energy and enjoy the small joys of daily life day.

She is gratitude, and has the amazing power to make your life much better.

And it is that something as simple as saying ‘thank you’ can give you the boost you need to make your life the best place to spend the rest of your days.

Do you dare to discover all that is behind these seven letters?

The habit of saying ‘thank you’: The first step to change your life

All, without exception, we look the same in life away pain and closer to pleasure .

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So lets make you a question: How will achieve that if no express gratitude? Simply, without it you can not do; because it is a key ingredient in the recipe for a full life, full of pleasant experiences and compliments purposes.

Did you know that it is impossible to feel stressed, sad, depressed or worried while you’re experiencing a deep sense of gratitude?

And not only that: It’s proven to express gratitude increases your happiness by 25%!

Something as simple as saying THANK YOU is the first step to change your life, because being grateful you are getting close to everything you want in life closer to pleasure and pain stay away.



You know what the good news? Many of us are already doing that unconsciously!

It’s great to know that incorporate the habit of being grateful we can increase alertness, enthusiasm, determination, optimism and energy.

In addition, an attitude of gratitude has the power to turn challenges into opportunities, problems and solutions losses into profits.

And best of all is that anyone can increase your sense of well-being and create positive social effects just being grateful every single day.

Simply, it is to pay attention around you and be thankful for the things that make you feel good.

It sounds easy, right? Indeed, few things are as simple yet powerful as the fact of experiencing gratitude.

It is full of benefits and does not have a single negative consequence.

So why not make it a habit sweet for all your senses? In our article “Join the challenge of creating a healthy habit” we show how to achieve three steps.

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Meditation and gratitude: an ideal complement and necessary

You know what is best of gratitude? There is always reason to experience it.

No matter how small: gratitude knows no measures .

Just look around you and tell why you are grateful today for your family, your husband, your children, your parents … By walking under the sun, have a good job, live in the house you have, even dinner your food favorite or flowers you have in your garden … Any reason is good! Watch this video we prepared for you to be taking ideas,????

The problem with this is that most people have difficulty finding the reasons why they really are grateful.

Stress, lifestyle, household chores, work, rush, problems and tensions … All that often prevents us from seeing beyond and find reasons why it is worth living and be thankful.

That’s why gratitude and meditation complement each other so well.

Actually, when you feel you join nothing can come between you and everything you want to accomplish.

Meditation is the most effective way to ward off all the noise of your mind, fill peace and begin to appreciate all those reasons no matter how small will bring you closer to well-being and pleasure.

Would you like to become a much more energetic, confident, motivated, steady and happy person?

Actually that is part of the pleasure we all aspire.

Therefore we are convinced that you will be interested to know that the mini-course free of Silva Method teaches you to meditate on Alfa with a powerful exercise, and it gives you all the keys so that you approach the pleasure that really all seek.

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So if you’re not part of the 90,000 people who have already received the free course, you can access it HERE.

Exercise: How do you feel thankful for today?

And before the end we would like to propose a simple exercise to start noticing the benefits of gratitude. It’s simple but has a very pleasant effects:

1) Put one hand on your chest and close your eyes.

2) Take a deep breath three times

3) View top 5 things, situations, experiences or people for whom you are really grateful today.

Think of them, feel them, visualize them, recréalas in your mind … No matter how big or small they are, while you sit reasons to be grateful Everything served!

4) Open your eyes and see what happens to your mood. It will not be a trace of negative emotions!

Why do things you feel grateful today? Leave us a comment below with the motives and reasons you have to be grateful, and share them with everyone … It’s a nice way to start taking the habit of showing gratitude????

From the Silva Method equipment we take to say THANK YOU! for always being on the other side .

We are convinced that if you meditate a few minutes every day and incorporate gratitude into your daily routine your quality of life will begin to grow and grow. In your hands is try it!