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What are the benefits of doing yoga at home?

What are the benefits of doing yoga at home? 1

Reasons to do Yoga at home

Doing Yoga at home has become the main way to practice Yoga in the world. There are many reasons to do Yoga at home . More and more people are betting to do it at home instead of going to a gym or a center. That is why in the WideMat Blog , we tell you all the tricks and tips to improve the way of doing Yoga at home .

Reasons to do Yoga at Home: Health

Yoga at home for beginners How to learn yoga?

Undoubtedly the best reasons to do Yoga at home are those related to health:

  • You go at your own pace, not the class . There are times when classes in centers are divided into beginner, intermediate and advanced levels, but you have the pressure of others, which is negative for your mind. Do not feel forced to touch the tips of your feet by stretching, or to hold an entire class. To rest when you want, and then continue.
  • Choose your postures , according to which you like more, and your goals . For example, if you want to do Yoga exercises to lose weight. If you are still starting in Yoga, you can go through Yoga for Beginners , and thus learn some things.
  • You can practice Yoga Nidra , which is Yoga to sleep well. It helps you to disconnect from all the thoughts of the day and sleep better, with a quality and restful sleep.
  • It facilitates the practice of Yoga daily , even a little, just meditation or just physical exercises. But every day a little, and every time better, after a few weeks you already notice the positive effects on your health. It’s weirder to go to the gym every day, and even then, you’re not going to go in the morning.
  • If you are pregnant , Yoga is a great practice for your health and that of the child . And you know it’s much easier to practice it if it’s at home, than if you have to leave. Also, in this case it is especially important to go at your own pace.

Reasons to do Yoga at Home: Comfort

It is one of the fundamental reasons for doing Yoga at Home.

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  • In the centers you have to go with your Yoga mat, which will force you to be close.
  • Those narrow mats do not allow you to move with the feeling of freedom that you would have with a WideMat, at home.
  • The reason they are tight is that you can feel like a canned sardine. Let each one occupy little space, lest the whole world enter the classroom!

Reasons to do Yoga at Home: Economics

  • You save money , since you can save the cost of the gym or center fee. Search Google for prices of yoga classes , and you will realize what you save at the end of the year. Also if you do Yoga at home, you can practice every day, and not 2 or at most 3 sessions a week, which is what they usually offer.
  • The only cost of doing Yoga at home is the WideMat.
  • You save on the gasoline of the car, or public transport, etc.

Reasons to do Yoga at Home: Time

Benefits of doing yoga at home

Time is one of the few things in life that do not come back, so take advantage of it. Either you take advantage of it or you lose it forever. That’s why it’s among the reasons to do Yoga at home.

  • You gain time , because in taking the car or public transport, or in walking, it will always take longer than going to the space you have reserved to do Yoga at home.
  • Take some free time to practice yoga : If for example between dinner and a movie they put on TV, you have 10 or 15 minutes, take advantage of them! Do not stay watching the ads.
  • One day it rains a lot and you have no plans? You can do Yoga at home quietly.

Reasons to do Yoga at Home: Family

Another reason to do Yoga at home more important and more influential: The family.

  • By spending less time going back and forth to the Yoga center , you will be more at home, sharing your things with the family. It may be that you enjoy this time away from home, but the idea is the same: you have more time at your disposal to be with your loved ones.
  • You will share the Yoga with your relatives . Maybe your mother or your father see you and are interested in Yoga, or your children, if you have them. Doing a yoga session with your family or your partner is one of the most beautiful ways to practice it.
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Reasons to do Yoga at Home: Motivational

Each one is each, and has its own dreams and interests. Your personal motivations are another reason to do Yoga at home.

  • You start the day better : whether or not you do your main Yoga session of the day when you wake up, before or after breakfast , you can fill yourself with energy with the Sun Salutation, which is one of the basic Yoga postures to do at home, or with other positions that you choose.
  • You can choose your own goals: do Yoga at home to lose weight with simple asanas , or tone your legs, improve your silhouette; or more related to your inner life, such as meditating, finding tranquility, knowing yourself better, increasing concentration, etc.
  • You gain willpower every time you start doing Yoga when you wake up.

Reasons to do Yoga at Home: Psychological

How do yoga at home. The best tips for doing yoga at home for beginners

  • Do not compete with strangers . It is true that you can make friends, but in a class of 20, 30 or 40 that sometimes coincide some, others other days. In short, it is easy to feel that you are worse off because of small insecurities, like a few extra kilos, not doing well some postures …
  • You gain confidence to face the day if you start with Yoga. It is difficult to go to a gym to do a Yoga session, go back, shower … everything before starting the workday. At home you take advantage of all that time.

Reasons to do Yoga at Home: Environmental

benefits and reasons for doing yoga at home

  • You have access to the Internet to watch videos of Yoga to do at home specifically.
  • You put the music . If you prefer to hear silence, you have it.
  • You choose the environment you want your sessions to wrap around. Maybe one day you want less light, or more, put some candles, flowers, surround the atmosphere of the Yoga of a perfume … Use your imagination!
  • It’s not for nothing, but the smell of 30 people sweating after 1 hour of class, and every hour a new session with 30 more people … Or being at home, with your favorite air freshener.
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Reasons to do Yoga at Home: Social

The reasons for doing Yoga at home include social reasons, of course. Between them:

  • You can practice Yoga in the company of someone special , since your partner, friends or family, do not have to be enrolled in your gym, at the same time of class, etc. Just go through your house, and that’s it. And if you have children or nephews, you can do Yoga at home with the children, and they can learn with you. They will not go to a gym.
  • You do not have to worry about going ideal to gym class, or at least decent. You just put on comfortable clothes, you extend your WideMat and you’re done.
  • What we have said before, you do not have the feeling of social pressure and of competing with others.

Reasons to do Yoga at Home: Labor

Working hours are also important reasons to do Yoga at home , because this is an important aspect of life.

  • You will improve your energy and productivity . If you have started the day with a little Yoga, you will feel better and more vital.
  • You will get along better with your classmates . Think that when you feel good and with confidence, you smile more, you relate more to them, and seeing the problems smaller than you saw them before, you will be more willing to help a partner.
  • You can with the pressure and not the other way around . You will know how to make your muscles relax, instead of being loaded. And when you see that time is pressing, instead of noticing the nerves throughout your body, you will feel that you can with them.

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