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What Is An Easy Way To Reduce Stress?

What Is An Easy Way To Reduce Stress? 11

In addition, factors such as traffic, noise pollution and the large number of people in the same place and the collection with professional goals increase our levels of stress.

But in order to have quality of life, we need to find ways to reduce the stress of our daily lives. And for that, yoga can be a great ally. There are many positions of this modality that are made to reduce stress and anxiety. Today, you will learn to perform five of them. Come on?

1 – Posture of the Stork or Padahastasana

What Is An Easy Way To Reduce Stress? 12

The stork’s posture lengthens the entire spine and cervical, legs and hip muscles, as well as relaxing the shoulders. As the head sits down in that position, the blood flow in the brain is greater, which helps in relaxation – be careful to stay in that position for just a few seconds. If you stay too long, excess blood in the brain can cause dizziness.

To do the stork’s posture, stand upright and place one leg next to the other so that the feet lean forward and align (the left heel should rest against the right heel, just like the first toe). Take your head close to the floor until your palms touch the ground. Let your shoulders relax and look at your legs to keep your neck tensionless. Keep in mind that the goal is to keep your knees straight and your palms flat on the floor, but keep your limits. To reduce stress, the important thing is to stay comfortable and stretched. Inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth throughout the exercise.

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2 – Posture of forceps or Paschimottanasana

What Is An Easy Way To Reduce Stress? 13

The tweezer posture is seated, with elongated legs side by side. Always keeping the spine straight (ie, elongated) and relaxed shoulders – when we are tense we tend to leave the shoulders close to the ears, tense, relax to keep them in the line of the clavicle, touch your hands to the feet.

The main goal is to make the movement with the elongated spine. There’s no use leaning against your feet if your spine is rounded. Then, focus on pushing your chest and belly on your legs. Despite the difficulty, try to relax in that position. Remember breathing from the previous position, which must be repeated in all exercises.

3 – Dog Posture Looking Down or Adhomukha Svanasana

What Is An Easy Way To Reduce Stress? 14

The dog’s downward posture is very relaxing, in addition to working various muscles such as the abdomen, thighs and arms. It is a great position for those who want to relax and lower levels of stress and anxiety. To perform this posture, stand with the elongated spine (note that you should not twist your hip area and not tension it forward).

Following the breathing movements of the other exercises, bend your body forward until you place your palms on the floor – keep your arms apart so that one is exactly on the shoulder line, and your legs should be in line with your hips and hands . Look at the floor always and keep knees and elbows straight. Different from the first position, in that your trunk should not touch your legs.

4 – Posture of Corpse or Savasana

What Is An Easy Way To Reduce Stress? 15

The posture of the corpse, despite the unattractive name, is the most tranquil to be performed and, given the low complexity, is the one that usually relaxes the most. It is great for controlling the speed and intensity of breathing, which helps reduce stress by itself.

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In addition, it brings a sense of tranquility and, with your eyes closed, it is possible to meditate. To perform it, lie down on your belly and make sure you stay comfortable – you can rest your head on a cushion if you feel the need. Keep your arms and legs extended and loose. Relax each part of your body, focusing on each of them, in order: toes, legs, hips, spine, belly, arms, shoulders, neck, forehead, eyes, tongue and jaw. At all times concentrate on the breath.

5 – Easy Posture or Sukhasana

What Is An Easy Way To Reduce Stress? 16

Following the same line of previous posture, the Sukhasana is easy to understand and achieve, so it is a great position to relax. It is important to keep the spine straight and elongated. This position, in addition to reducing stress, corrects posture and strengthens hip, spine and abdomen, which should be kept contracted.

Sit down and cross your legs. Hold the elongated spine and place your hands on your knees, slightly. Keep your eyes closed and focus only on your breathing.

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