Yoga videos: Posture on the head – Salamba Sirsasana

Very good!

Here I leave 3 videos with yoga Headstand – Salamba Sirsasana

Yoga Step by Step: Balancing head – Salamba Sirsasana


This is one of the most emblematic yoga poses its characteristics and effects on the body. By remaining investment body polarities change, rest the internal organs and increases circulation of blood to the head and upper body area leading to a general and progressive rejuvenation. Just take precautions when we have problems of stress and / or neck.

Headstand – Salamba Sirsasana

Here’s another video, which also explains step by step how to do this position.

And this video yoga posture of the day is a pity that it is only in English, because it is very well explained, anyway I’ll leave.

Yoga postures: Headstand – Salamba Sirsasana

Mastering this yoga posture gives us balance, both physical and mental, and demands great concentration and strength.

I hope these videos will be useful yoga to make this investment.

Always be careful and listen to your body.
It may cost you a little work, but with practice you achieved perform these yoga videos with explanations might give you some guidance.

I suggest you try it
first with your yoga instructor.

A hug,



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