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pushup benefits

10 Amazing Scientific Pushup Benefits That Will Blow Your Mind

For many, the idea of carrying out a pushup urges memories of physical education. While these memories might or might not be the most enjoyable. Your fitness instructor was doing your mind and body a favor. Even his whistle and continuous screaming looked like the opposite. Maybe among the most convenient workout motions, the basic […]

Budha Konasana

5 Amazing Hidden Facts Behind the Science in Yoga Even Yoga Teachers Don’t Know

Modern-day science validates that the practice of yoga has concrete physical health advantages that consist of enhanced brain function and denser bones, along with immune health, enhanced nerve system working and strength. Over 36 million Americans practice yoga and delight in the advantages of a more powerful body, calm mind, increased joy and decreased tension. […]

Dalai Lama

The 18 rules of life of the Dalai Lama to be happy | Corner of Tibet

At the beginning of this millennium, approximately in 2000, the Dalai Lama wrote a list with 18 points, which all people of the world must continue to achieve live in peace , happiness and harmony . It is a fact that in the era we live in today, stress and haste with which we live, […]

Tricks to be happy. The 10 ideas that you can not miss

    Tricks to be happy. The 10 ideas that you can not miss Tricks to be happy. I want to propose here 10 simple ways to work to establish this simple sense of happiness in your everyday life. It’s not complicated; It is a matter of proposing it and take action differently.   Play […]

zen principles

10 Basic Principles of Zen Philosophy | Corner of Tibet

Today we offer you for your reading and implementing these ten principles of Zen philosophy, a philosophy that is presented as the art of seeing into the nature of our own being, helping us to free ourselves from the bonds of our mind and giving us tools to overcome common causes of suffering which normally […]

Yoga Poses to Relieve Menstrual Cramps Naturally Without Painkillers 20

Yoga Poses to Relieve Menstrual Cramps Naturally Without Painkillers

Yoga: A Natural, Drug-Free Way to Manage Menstrual Pain That time of the month can be a painful experience for many women. If you experience painful periods, you have probably tried everything to reduce your menstrual cramps, from over-the-counter painkillers like aspirin to heating pads, or even portable TENS machines. These things may offer some relief, […]

meditation for anxiety

Proven Effective Meditation for Anxiety

When stress and anxiety is looming, it can be difficult to start your day. You might discover yourself avoiding activities you love due to the fact of how your stress and anxiety will make you feel. This can trigger you to feel lonely and alone. However, the following suggestions can assist you discover some relief. […]

How can I meditate to explore parts of my mind? 24

How can I meditate to explore parts of my mind?

The meditation is to take us to a state of peace to focus on the “Here and now” . It is to be attentive and to be fully aware of our thoughts, our feelings, our environment and the sensations of our body. It is to silence external noises, to focus only on ourselves. As the practice of meditation becomes a habit, […]

How does yoga asanas help to sleep? 26

How does yoga asanas help to sleep?

Yoga postures to fight insomnia and sleep better Natural method to fight insomnia, fall asleep more easily, and sleep better. When people suffer from insomnia, or have difficulty falling asleep ( due in large part to the  stress  and  anxiety  that causes our pace of life), many tend to use pills or other chemicals that alter the body making it easier to fall […]

What exercises should I do to lose weight fast? 29

What exercises should I do to lose weight fast?

Weight Loss with Yoga: Are the Yoga Exercises for Weight Loss Effective? Yoga and weight loss One of the main causes of serious health problems is obesity. The effect of excess weight is very detrimental to your health, lack of energy and concentration in many daily activities, and other more serious physical problems can be […]