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How can I meditate to explore parts of my mind?

How can I meditate to explore parts of my mind? 3

The meditation is to take us to a state of peace to focus on the “Here and now” . It is to be attentive and to be fully aware of our thoughts, our feelings, our environment and the sensations of our body. It is to silence external noises, to focus only on ourselves.

As the practice of meditation becomes a habit, the left prefrontal area of ​​the brain is activated, which is the basis of positive emotions such as “enthusiasm, happiness, joy …”. With which it has been shown that meditating reduces high blood pressure, stress and improves the immune system, among many other benefits.

The art of Meditation 
The art of meditation must be approached with delicacy if we want the intended result to be a positive experience. Since our thoughts shape our reality in ways that we too often take for granted, the effectiveness of our meditation sessions depends to a large extent on the state of our mind. Therefore, it is vital to pay attention to our attitudes to meditation and the way we meditate.

Leave expectations aside 
Become aware and do not let your mind interfere. Do not have expectations about the results you expect from meditation. Do not pretend to become a fully liberated yogi or acquire a deep revelation after a session. Just let yourself go. There must be no effort on your part, but meditation must be your guide … Allow your unconscious, your inner being, your higher self, to take control of your consciousness. A contemplative state has no place for your perceptions, predispositions, beliefs or ideas about any aspect of reality. Otherwise, you will only create obstacles that will prevent you from emptying your mind.

Do not force the experience 
Do not feel the need that you have to strive to reach a meditative state. Try not to worry, if you find it difficult to put aside the thoughts that flutter through your mind. Meditation is not an aggressive experience … quite the opposite. Keep calm and relax during your sessions and remember that energy flows where attention is directed.

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Do not hurry 
Meditation is different from the rest of activities that we do in our day to day. The more you want to accelerate the session, the worse the results will be. Our brain waves have to slow down, going from the hyper-alert state beta to the state of relaxation alpha or even the state of calm theta. So do not try to speed it up … take your time. After all, time is a concept that has no place in meditation. Sit back and bring your consciousness to a place where time does not exist. Anything that is really productive is not achieved in an instant, but it takes more time for it to flourish and become something beautiful.

How can I meditate to explore parts of my mind? 4


Do not identify with what happens 
Put aside your feelings of attachment, as they have no place in meditation sessions. We must be aware that if we cling or reject something that has arisen during meditation, it means that we have allowed our ego to enter. If a positive image comes to your mind, observe it and become aware of its presence. There is nothing wrong with your mind evoking these images and thoughts that you did not expect or that you did not even want. We should not fight against what happens, but become aware and observe everything we experience.

Let yourself go 
Flow. As the Beatles song Tomorrow Never Knows says, “turn off your mind, relax and flow with the flow”.

Accept it all 
Accept each and every one of the feelings that you experience during your meditation session. Yes, even those you wish you did not harbor. Be aware that we are human beings, and one of the side effects of our condition is that we are imperfect and make mistakes. Do not feel frustrated if something alarming or frightening appears. Observe everything that is within your perception as something natural and understandable. Accept the experience and everything it shows you. Accepting means opting to see the absolute perfection and beauty of creation. Everything and everyone operates at our own level of consciousness and / or evolution. Everything and everyone is what we are today because this is what we have to learn or unlearn.

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Do not be hard on yourself 
Be kind and kind to yourself. As human beings, there is always something we have to work on and improve. The process that leads us to be who we want to be begins with accepting ourselves.
When dealing with a problem, try to see it as an opportunity.
It addresses problems not as problems, but as challenges. The experiences and difficult situations that we face in our lives can be excellent opportunities to grow and transcend. Perhaps the most important thing is not to flee from problems, since it is impossible to escape from our demons while we grow inside. Observe the problems as possibilities to grow on a personal level.

Do not focus on the differences 
With a correct attitude towards meditation, we will be able to extrapolate the lessons learned during meditation and apply them to our daily life. We have to accept the fact that there will always be differences between us. If we focus on what divides us instead of what unites us, our ego will be inflated in such a way that we will go from having positive thoughts to having negative thoughts, and our level of consciousness will lower and lower until we reach mental states more and more. selfish Envy, guilt, pride, jealousy, hatred and greed lead to a negative emotional state. It is difficult not to compare with others, so we end up focusing on what makes us different. Nevertheless, we have to accept it as part of our experience as human beings and work on it to the extent that it is possible for us. We can get rid of this problematic perspective by constantly exploring our attitudes. In this way we can replace this ingrained habit with more fruitful ones. Let us focus on our similarities, on everything that is universal to all forms of life.

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Who does not have a minute? 

Martin Boroson has devised a simple and effective method that will facilitate access to a balanced internal state, and will only take a minute: One-Moment Meditation . The video that we show you below explains the method and proposes an exercise in real time.

If you want to start practicing meditation but do not find the time or the right moment to do it, this video will explain how to meditate in a minute. It is simply about finding small moments that change our inner state; in a very short physical time we can easily pass from an altered state to a balanced one.

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