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5 Amazing Hidden Facts Behind the Science in Yoga Even Yoga Teachers Don’t Know

Budha Konasana

Modern-day science validates that the practice of yoga has concrete physical health advantages that consist of enhanced brain function and denser bones, along with immune health, enhanced nerve system working and strength. Over 36 million Americans practice yoga and delight in the advantages of a more powerful body, calm mind, increased joy and decreased tension.

yoga to reach our goals
yoga to reach our goals


Yoga trainer and physician, Dr Loren Fishman utilizes yoga in his medical practice to deal with conditions such as multiple sclerosis, arthritis and others. In an interview with LiveScience he stated many recent research studies reveal remarkable results yoga has on the brain, central nervous system and body immune system.

” It thickens the layers of the brain’s cerebral cortex, the part of the brain connected with greater knowledge, and increases neuroplasticity, which assists us discover new things and alter the way we do things.”


The Science in Yoga and Stress

The neuroscience behind Yoga can assist discuss why routine Yoga is so reliable in minimizing tension and developing balance in the body. It can likewise assist you deepen your Yoga practice and increase concentration on aspects that you may otherwise ignore. Dr. Mithu Storoni, a medical physician, neuroscientist, and yoga instructor, discusses the fundamental concepts of the Science in Yoga and Stress.

5 Amazing Hidden Facts Behind the Science in Yoga Even Yoga Teachers Don't Know 1

” There are 2 functional parts of the brain that play an essential function in stress and tension. These serve the cognitive functions, emotions and feelings. So I am calling them the ’em otional’ brain (amygdala and its connections and medial forebrain structures including the medial prefrontal cortex) and the ‘sensible’ brain (the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex, other parts of the prefrontal cortex, parts of the cingulate cortex and parts of the hippocampus).

The emotional brain is able to initiate a ‘tension response’ through the sympathetic nervous system which culminates in adrenaline and cortisol racing through our circulation.The sensible brain is constantly attempting to ‘turn-off’ this stress reaction and it is likewise attempting to limit the psychological brain. The stronger our logical brain, the much better it becomes at doing these 2 things. When the tension reaction is ‘turned off’, our parasympathetic nervous system signal is ‘turned on’. This signal ‘relaxes’ the body. So a strong logical brain goes hand in hand with relaxation.”

The Science In Yoga
The Science In Yoga

Dr Storoni says the tension reaction and ‘relaxing’ signals travel through the body along a specific path and parts of this path have little ‘switches’ which we can physically control to turn the signals on or off. The neck is an example of where such switches lie.

” Yoga is training this whole tension circuit at 2 levels. Initially, each time we are ‘holding’ a posture, staying very still to focus or attempting to balance, our rational brain is being activated. When we are flexing forwards, our ‘relaxation’ signal is being turned on through the ‘switches’ in the neck. So flexing forwards and focusing at the same time is activating both the logical brain and the relaxation signals at the same time.”

The science behind yoga

1.  Science in Yoga:It Modifies the Chemical Structure of Your Brain

Yoga includes the conscious and controlled entry into a posture- or asana- holding the posture in stillness, and after that a controlled release. Dr Storoni states that as you go through this exercise, it takes strong prefrontal cortex activity to keep your concentration and stillness. “As you hold a posture, your prefrontal cortex is countering the increased sympathetic signal as it keeps you focused. This is how you train your mind to keep your stress signal under control. As your mind finds out how to do this, you improve at doing this even beyond the yoga room. Eventually, with practice, you will have the ability to preserve self-discipline in the majority of stressful settings”.

Yoga improves brain chemicals that promote a sense of health and well-being. It increases the levels of the brain chemicals like GABA, serotonin, and dopamine, the happy chemicals responsible for feelings of relaxation and satisfaction. These neurotransmitters are targeted by the drugs for medicating state of mind or moods, such as anti-depressants and anti-anxiety drugs. Yet the science in yoga has actually long been revealed to successfully lower and heal anxiety and depression.

5 Amazing Hidden Facts Behind the Science in Yoga Even Yoga Teachers Don't Know 2

2.  Facts Behind the Science in Yoga:  It stabilizes the Emotions

Yoga promotes the parasympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for relaxing us down. Triggering the parasympathetic nervous system, begins the procedure of remediation and recovery in the body. Blood is directed towards endocrine glands, gastrointestinal organs, and lymphatic blood circulation. Blood pressure and the heart rate are decreased, nutrients in food can be absorbed more easily and toxins are released from the body due to improved blood circulation.

5 Amazing Hidden Facts Behind the Science in Yoga Even Yoga Teachers Don't Know 3

Dr. Tiffany Field, a leading authority on touch, Director of the Touch Research Institute at the University of Miami, demonstrates how yoga has fantastic advantages on anxiety and depression, discomfort, cardiovascular, autoimmune and immune conditions and on pregnancy and has written a book collating a variety of research studies on the advantages and benefits of yoga.

Yoga Therapist, Dr Farzhana Siraj stated yoga is a great tool to cure our bodies. “We require to create space in the body and the mind. The most essential scientific concept on which the entire approach of yoga rests, is prana with space. Just as in the mind you require to eliminate ideas and thoughts to develop space, it is comparable in the body. We are extending the body and producing that much necessary space. Even 2 plants can’t grow if you jam them together. They likewise need space. So what about the cells? We require to provide this intercellular space. When space exists, prana circulates. Where there is prana there is health and wellness.”

5 Amazing Hidden Facts Behind the Science in Yoga Even Yoga Teachers Don't Know 4

3.  The Science of Yoga:It is a tool for recovering injury or trauma

Yoga is significantly being utilized as a tool to recover trauma and has effectively been used with PTSD. Psychologist, Richard Miller, the creator of iRest, a synthesis of modern psychology and the thousand years of age practice of Yoga Nidra, delivers classes of iRest to veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and traumatic brain injury (TBI). “These are significantly hurt and typically profoundly depressed veterans who are getting treatment as inpatients for 6 to 9 months or more …

We understand that one of the impacts of PTSD is that it leaves individuals to feel detached and disconnected from themselves and from the world around them. During Yoga Nidra, these folks begin to feel reconnected to themselves and the world around them and experience the sensation of finally getting back home from the war, to themselves, their households, and every day lives.”

5 Amazing Hidden Facts Behind the Science in Yoga Even Yoga Teachers Don't Know 5

Yoga instructor Dominica Dawning deals with refugees. She states the believing that’s actually missing out on in psychology is the body. “In my work with refugees, torture and injury survivors, the body ends up being an even bigger part because of the experiences they’ve had actually, often connected with physical injury, torture and violence.

In addition to the strong effects on the nervous system, yoga actually assists with this and a lot of the really early things we do is around pranayama and breathing and presenting the breath as the vital force and this thing that can actually bring some relief. You can see instant physical modifications, they stay up taller, they are more unwinded and relaxed, more animated, pay much better attention, without being drawn back to these memories of the past.”

Science in Yoga-International Yoga Day With India Prime Minister Modi
International Yoga Day With India Prime Minister Modi

Yoga is the fastest growing movement of our time. In 4 years, the variety of individuals practicing yoga in the United States has nearly doubled.

The Science in Yoga is so popular and essential to a lot of people’s lives and health and well-being, that there is now a yearly World Yoga Day which is acknowledged by the United Nations. The powerful day of the solstice, June 21, marks the day of event for this amazing ancient practice that improves the lives of so many around the world.

World Yoga Day 2015 in India
World Yoga Day 2015 in India

Yoga teacher, Vedic Healer and Ayurvedic specialist, Laura Plumb says Yoga is first and primary, a science. “Yoga is the very first and essential of the Vedic sciences. It is the science of self realization. All of the other Vedic sciences like Ayurveda which is the science of health and wellness, supports this main science. It is a divine science and a cosmic science. A science in yoga that comprehends and understands how the world runs and how we can run within the world. It is for not just health and wellness but for a genuine sense of who we are and why we’re alive.”

5.  Yoga is the Best Therapy Around the World

A growing number of traditional medical practices are utilizing yoga treatment, as growing research shows how it assists recovery, particularly from stress-induced conditions, and improves total health and vitality. The field of Yoga Therapy is rapidly growing and hospitals are beginning to open integrated health care departments, including yoga therapies as part of their complementary methods to healthcare.

Over the last few years it has actually made news for the substantial advantages that children with autism and special needs are experiencing, through yoga treatment. It is being used to treat a broad range of physical disorders, with fantastic success and is quickly growing as a complementary technique along with other treatments.

The Science in Yoga crosses all barriers, it is accessible to and practiced by the elderly, teenagers and kids, Hollywood stars, in business settings, nature retreats, huge celebrations and festivities, from Bali to Goa and is genuinely an international phenomenon. Who wouldn’t want higher joy, comfort, mental clearness, vigor, physical health, imagination, purpose, spiritual connection, self-confidence and strength? Anyone can practice the science in yoga and immediately feel the advantages, both physical and mental, but likewise psychological and spiritual.

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