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How to open a yoga studio?

How to open a yoga studio? 3

You have decided to open a yoga
studio and do not know where to start? Then let’s try to understand. First we need to understand whether you are an expert in the field of yoga. If so, that’s good. And if not, then it is advisable to find a specialist who can tell us about the intricacies of yoga practice. Now that you know what yoga is, therefore, proceed to the next step.

Yoga studio – it is a business enterprise, in general, something that should be profitable to its owners.
When you open any business need a preliminary analysis and better
business plan . If the analysis you will realize that you need some extra cash to open a yoga studio, the business plan will come in handy, because you can show it to partners, investors and creditors.

First of all, it is necessary to determine the viability and prospects of the idea, ie,
to conduct a market analysis, in which you define yoga cost of services, the number of competitors and their strengths and weaknesses and areas of the city, which lacks the yoga studios. If the results of the marketing research you determine that the market for yoga studios even have a free niche, then proceed to the calculation of the estimated revenues and expenditures.

First you need to determine the capital costs that are required to open a yoga studio.
These include the opening of the costs of the legal entity, for the repair of premises costs and equipment costs. Revenues yoga studio will consist of sales of season tickets, as well as providing additional related services (massage, seminars, etc.). By running costs yoga studio should include rent, utilities (electricity, water), salaries of personnel (trainers, managers, accountant), the cost of advertising and promotions, and other administrative costs. If the calculation of income and expenses, you will find yourself in profit, then we can talk about actions aimed at opening a yoga studio.

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The first problem to be solved, – a selection of rooms for yoga studios.
It should be within walking distance of the subway, and preferably close to transport interchanges. The room should be spacious, well ventilated, with air-conditioning and heating, and odor-free. Next you need to make the repair and purchase the necessary equipment. While the repair is done, you can begin to select personnel. This is no easy task, because you need to find qualified instructors in the directions of yoga that you want to put into the schedule a yoga studio. In the selection of instructors need to negotiate wages. There are two main payment options: the first option when instructor pay a fixed amount for each class. It simplifies the payment system, but does not stimulate the teacher to work well with the studio clients. The second option – the percentage when the instructor goes to a fixed percentage of the profits from each session.

When the repair is coming to an end, the instructors will be found, should start an advertising campaign to the opening of the studio came wishing to practice yoga.
Try to give contextual advertising in search engines and social networks, as well as banner advertising on thematic portals. It is very desirable to make the site a yoga studio, but the first time you can get in contact group where you will post the schedule and up to date information. You can advertise on House stands near the yoga studio.

When everything is ready, organize an open day and a small buffet (tea and refreshments).
On the open day tell about yoga, about the styles of yoga, about your yoga studio. Then get to work. Reach customers and build long-term relationships with them. Good luck!

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Business Plan yoga studio Petersburg with the financial model

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