How to be Happier with Less

Do you think you can be too clean and organized? You could be so good at it that your life will begin to be lacking things you consider important to you ?. There was a woman named Lisa Perry, who decided to sell everything he owned on eBay. She said:  “Things had started to be bigger than my words.” 

One begins to understand why this woman did what she did when we see his explanation. He made the decision to set aside most of their belongings to make an inner journey, a process that would allow him to focus on what I really wanted.

She explained:

“It’s not about getting rid of things you do not want or do not like or give me bad memories. It really is what you really want to be and what makes me happy, keeping things that allow me to do that. So I can see clearly, I see where I go and what I want to be. ” 


Lisa started all this because I had one main objective: to be happy. He reached this conclusion for two books that inspired him to make these changes, The art of hapiness  and The pathfinder . This latest book in particular, helped her see that as the number of things she accumulated increased, his life became smaller. 

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Sell ​​everything you own on eBay may seem a bit extreme. And I’m not saying you have to follow the footsteps of Lisa, however, if you see happiness as a clear goal and want a fuller life, it could be a very useful exercise would reconsider dishing it is for you true happiness, and thus take the necessary measures.

Instead of purchasing and acquiring things, why not ask yourself what the real value that the object has for you? Find out if you’re holding on to things or just “because maybe someday need” because you feel forced / aa have them just because a loved one you gave them. Be aware of what you have and you have it. Taking specific actions that will produce feelings of happiness, and think what to do to banish negative feelings in your daily life. This will help you know to stay and shoot.


You focus on what really matters, do you think that objects have life? Or that the next purchase, or until you “that” do not get to be happy? Let me tell you are very wrong, the only one who can satisfy your inner happiness is the person you see in the mirror, you do not need anything external to always be joyful.

A hug,

Elias Berntsson

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