Mind Body Connection: 6 ways to relief stress curious

Mind body connection: 6 curious ways to relieve stress 3

mind-body connection: stress

You need no introduction because all we know.

You do not need invitation because I always find the door open.

And we have to do anything to get, because we all know shortcuts.

We talked about it: the stress , the enemy of our daily lives that disturbs our well – being, stirs our calm and sneaks into the depths of our body, mind and soul unbalancing our harmony and preventing a good connection between them.

And although we absolutely everyone exposed to it, we can learn to let him away to invade our body, mind and soul.

How? With these six simple actions you can practice anytime, anywhere.

6 shares to ward off stress and improve mind-body connection

We’ve talked several times about this “predator of body, mind and soul” as many call him; and we’ve shared a test for you to discover your level of stress and various techniques to zoom out, including the powerful techniques of the Silva Method ward off stress with a glass of water or by the technique of the three fingers.

But if you want to ward off that feeling of anxiety, tension, anxiety and stress that occurs throughout your day in specific situations, then you have to read these six curious ways to ward off stress from your life proposed by Kenneth Pelletier, Doctor and author of Stress free for good and published by Makeufits. Take note:

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1) Tighten cuffs

Yes, as you read: clench his fists vigorously for five seconds, then open them is a trick to relax instantly.

According to Pelletier, this trick works as a kind of button “reset” our internal body because the strongly tighten the muscle for seconds and then release we can better feel the relaxation.

If you practice this habit often you can even learn to relax intuitively.

2) Gum

Gum or gum It’s very good to combat stress!

It helps to stimulate jaws, and this in turn triggers a response in our body natural relaxation, with decreasing heart rate, respiration and brain activity.

And if you choose minty gum, they will provide additional encouragement ????

3) Look at a landscape in blue

Look through the window and appreciates the immense blue sky.
And if the day is rainy or cloudy, view pictures or images that you can appreciate the beautiful blue sky.
This is the color of nature, which conveys calm, tranquility, peace … and help you clear your head so much stress.

4) Sing

No matter if desafinas or if you do not have a graceful singing voice … Who said you can not enjoy this art even in the shower?
And if it helps to balance body, mind and soul even better, right?
According to studies by the University of Frankfurt when we sing breathe deeply without realizing it, and also stress hormones decrease segregradas by the body.
So … A more singing, less stress!

5) Support to someone else

A great way to relax and forget about stress is to help others.

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When we help someone in need, we automatically feel useful, happier with ourselves and with better mood, since this type of activity increases production of endorphins.

From helping a son or nephew with homework to collaborate on a non-profit organization … Whatever it is, it will be a good deed in every way.

6) Ten plants

Experts from the University of Kansas that exposure to -another green colors of nature like the blue- helps prevent stress say.
In their study, they concluded that people with plants in TSUS workspaces suffer less anxiety because it offers care for “rest” of the bad feelings that lead to stress.
So, what do you expect to have your own plant?????

You see, there are many habits that can help ward off stress.

And before finishing we wanted to know … What situations cause you more stress?

The first step is to identify and then act on them. We invite you to start to do so by implementing these 6 tips and tell us what you think.

We look forward to your comments!

And if you want to have a better balance between body, mind and soul and learn to activate the natural healing mechanisms of your mind for better health and wellness We invite you to read more about the connection advanced program Body Mind Silva .

Remember that stress is the cause of 80% of diseases … It’s time to end your presence!

Source: Health Living