How to Meditate for Beginners

how to meditate

how to meditate You are the people who have ever wondered: What I have to do to meditate? Is there an easy guide that tells me how to do it? If your answer is yes, then, Read! I detail a series of super simple points, you should keep in mind when meditating.

•     Find a suitable location. It must be a space that gives you peace and quiet. You can be at home or in nature but always free from interruptions. Off the phone, television and everything that can distract you. Many people choose to play music, if this is your case, should be soft and soothing music, such sounds of nature: a waterfall or the soft sound of a forest.
•    Comfort. It’s fundamental! You can never get the right concentration fitting clothes that do not allow to sit comfortably. Baggy clothes or gym will allow you to breathe and find the best posture to begin with meditation. Important recommendation: take off your shoes.
•     Stretches.By meditating, you will be in the same position for a certain amount of time, which is always good to do stretching exercises to relax more easily. Stretch your neck, shoulders and back with soft and harmonious movements. No sudden jerks.
•    Posture. As you sit, you can choose the lotus position or half lotus (sitting with legs crossed and each foot on the opposite thigh). I recommend you sit on the floor on a cushion or on a meditation bench. The back should be straight but not tense -this is the part that requires more training. Arms resting on the sides or on your lap, palms up.
•    Meditation. Once you turned to the above tips, These ready to start! Close your eyes and focus on breathing. Inhale, retains and exhale slowly. Focus on a point on your navel, feeling your belly grows and shrinks when inhaling and exhaling. Do not make an effort to change your breathing, breathe normally. Then, focus on every part of your body, every muscle. Go right with your mind consciously. Try to relax each starting with the feet and reaching the head. Then stay for a few moments enjoying that feeling of relaxation, calmness and general welfare. Before concluding Focus on your breathing again.

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Finally, I suggest you dedicate 10 minutes a day to implement these detailed points above. The most difficult and yet the most important thing is to achieve consistency. If you’re at work, it can be an empty meeting room or a remote environment. If you’re at home, you can be your favorite space. Discover the benefits of daily meditation, deserve that gift!
I invite you to share these tips with your friends and family and as always, and remember to leave a comment about your experiences, to follow the guidance of how to meditate.