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How do I go deeper during meditation?

How do I go deeper during meditation? 3

Typical meditation is characterized by focused attention and relatively short periods of mental silence. And deep meditation focuses and directs the energy of a person in a special way, goes beyond the limits of physical consciousness and allows you to achieve complete silence in your thoughts.



Normal meditation and deep meditation

Normal meditation is simpler: you sit still with your eyes closed and focus your thoughts on the sound or object (often the object of focusing is breathing). If you download music for meditation Omharmonic , meditation will be even easier.

You can meditate at any time and in any place, when you want to improve your mood or for a while to rest from the outside world. Normal meditation calms and relaxes you. Thanks to daily meditation, you become happier and calmer, and also better control yourself.

In time, you may want to dive deeper. You can hear people who have been meditating for a long time, want to “achieve greater depth,” better focus, better control themselves, and use techniques that allow one to feel unity with all that exists and expand consciousness.

How to dive deeper?

  • Situation. While meditation with Omharmonic records you can study anywhere, for deep meditation, complete solitude is required in a quiet and convenient place. You should not be distracted by the temperature of the air (or the weather, if you are meditating on the street), people, noises, etc.
  • The right posture: your posture affects the energy flow during meditation. When you sit upright, resting your back on nothing, with your legs crossed and your hands on your knees, energy can flow freely through the energy centers or meridians ( chakras ) of your body. You do not need to sit strictly in the lotus position if you are uncomfortable, but if you sit down on the couch or lie in bed, you will not achieve the same effective results.
  • Focusing. Use the binaural beats of Omharmonic for immersion in meditation, but focus your attention on the track and do not let your mind get distracted by anything else. It is best to play the music at a low volume (select the volume at which you will be calmer). The volume does not matter, because binaural beats are still elusive to the ear. The main thing is to direct attention inside yourself and turn off the perception of the external world and even your own body.
  • Direct all attention to your feelings from listening to audio.Try to hear each note, every pause between notes. Do not be distracted by any third-party thoughts. Again and again, return the focus of attention to the track until the consciousness begins to calm down and relax. Thoughts will begin to gradually disappear as you disregard them, and in the end you will reach mental silence. Here’s how it works. At first you become aware of your thoughts, but because you persistently shift the focus of attention from thoughts to music, thoughts are dissipated. Also, at first you can be aware of your body and the environment. But as the thoughts dissipate, the same thing happens with the awareness of the body and the environment. You begin to feel the ONE with the higher mind. During deep meditation, there is neither time nor space for you. There is only heat – and this is more than just physical heat; incredibly pleasant rest; as well as a feeling of love and unity. These extraordinary spiritual experiences can not be described in words!
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What is the point in all this?

How do I go deeper during meditation? 4

First, you significantly strengthen your vibrations, going beyond the usual negative patterns of thinking and realizing the unity with all that exists. You can both realize and not be aware of the flow of energy in your body and beyond. You clearly understand the energy nature of our world: everything in this world is in essence energy. You cease to feel like an independent unit and begin to feel sympathy and love for your brothers – people and other forms of life. There is no more “I” and no “they” – there is only one whole.

Deep meditation takes you beyond time. You may think that the meditation was much longer or much shorter than actually (of course, you do not realize how much time has passed until you finish the session and you do not look at the clock or until the track ends!).

Deep meditation allows you to “hear” (without the aid of physical hearing) the voice of your intuition. You get information that would otherwise be inaccessible to you, because logical thinking would have discarded it. Logical thinking can only process information that we receive through the senses – in fact it believes that what is not perceived by the senses can not be real. Deep meditation opens the door to a world of energy information that is not perceived by the senses. During deep meditation, you can refer to the spirit-mentors, or they can contact you. You can receive information in the form of symbols, words, feelings or in any other form understandable to you.

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Deep meditation takes you beyond time and your own body. You feel unity with the world.

During deep meditation, you may have interesting and unusual feelings. Their purpose is to help you realize the union with the pure positive energy of the higher mind. First you focus your attention inside yourself, and then it covers everything that exists. This is an amazing, blissful feeling!

Coming out of deep meditation, you will feel that you are charged with energy and purified. You will feel love, joy, peace, gratitude and renewed interest in life. Also, deep meditation heals very well. Your cells are rejuvenated, and you are enjoying an improved state of health!

Tips for achieving success

You are probably wondering if you are able to immerse yourself in deep meditation, especially if you are a beginner. The answer is YES!

You may need some time to master it – but the more you train, the better you will manage to achieve mental silence and sink to greater depths.

To practice deep meditation, practice!

  • Before you sit down and close your eyes, set an intention to deeply immerse yourself in meditation.
  • Do not be too strict and do not indulge in negative. Enjoy! Explore the “energy self” with lively curiosity – do not take it as a duty.
  • Use music, for example Omharmonic, to better focus.
  • Stop doing and just BE.
  • Normal meditation is very useful, but you may want to try deep meditation – to stimulate spiritual and personal development.

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