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Is meditating for ten minutes not enough?

Is meditating for ten minutes not enough? 3

Tips to meditate 10 minutes

Mindfulness meditation brings us its benefits, both for our physical and mental health. But it is not enough to know how to meditate … It is still necessary to practice regularly! Some tips to keep the pace.

How long does it take to set up a new habit? Many media have mentioned the magic number of 21 days. If it has the merit of helping us to motivate ourselves, this figure is not based on any scientific data. The time allotted for anchoring a habit in one’s daily life depends on both the individual and the difficulty of implementing the habit.

Meditate between 5 and 15 minutes

It is one of the most used periods of time when starting. In fact, some techniques such as Alternate R espiration  are recommended to be performed only 5 minutes per session.Do not lose sight of the fact that in a first stage, what we will look for is to generate the habit, so if you feel that this time is right for you, continue like this. Another important detail is to realize that 10 minutes of full consciousness, in your ideal, is very much! Hardly in these times where the mind, deadlines and obligations play such an important role in society, sitting and not being interrupted by thoughts is complicated.

Is meditating for ten minutes not enough? 4


Focusing on an object or image for a long time requires a capacity, and that ability is trained. For example, if you are taking the habit of physical exercise, such as jogging, you will not think of the first day running 20 km … It’s too much, and even if you do it, you’ll probably end up hurting, it’s not the right thing to do.

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Go step by step, if your body at this moment allows you these minutes, live them fully and stay as an observer of the comments of your mind. And most importantly, congratulate yourself for having completed one more day, be aware that you are moving forward, that you are doing well.  Congratulating yourself is vital in order to achieve perseverance.

Mindfulness meditation can be practiced anywhere, anytime. Here are some simple tips to become a regular meditator!

1. Meditate in a short time

Mindfulness meditation brings its benefits by practicing only 10 minutes a day. If you can not give yourself more time, make sure you keep those 10 minutes for you. It is the equivalent, in time, of a cigarette or a break in the day.

2. Respect a specific schedule

To anchor a new habit in your daily life, nothing like setting a time dedicated to it, always the same.

For some, it will be waking up, a few minutes before the house comes alive or a little more if you indulge in miracle morning . For others the evening before the meal. Or at the lunch break.

You can also choose to pair the meditation with another daily activity such as brushing your teeth or taking a shower.

According to your wishes, constraints and your way of life, make the choice of the schedule and reserve this space each day.

3. Practice group meditation

Alone, do you start losing the pace? It is a frequent pitfall. In the same way that it is easier to get motivated to run for several, the group’s ripple effect also plays for meditation.

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Many spaces offer group sessions of mindfulness meditation, including yoga studios. To participate in a discovery workshop near you, visit the website of the ADM (Association for the Development of Mindfulness) . You will also find useful information about mindfulness meditation courses and reading ideas.

Need a hand ? With the Mindful Attitude Discovery program, begin with 10 10-minute sessions of guided mindfulness meditation for 10 days.

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