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Tricks to be happy. The 10 ideas that you can not miss



Tricks to be happy. The 10 ideas that you can not miss

10 tips to be happy putting mindfulness in your daily life


Tricks to be happy. I want to propose here 10 simple ways to work to establish this simple sense of happiness in your everyday life. It’s not complicated; It is a matter of proposing it and take action differently.


Play creativity gives us 10 tips to be happy to put up your feet “normal” to see your life.


Without showing the depth of come to recognize that we mean by “happiness” , let’s leave it should be the feeling of flow through life with the serenity that gives to recognize that in every moment of your everyday life, you are present in what you do, live and feel.

Says Jon Kabat-Zin in his book “The practice of mindfulness” (I never cease to invite you to a reading that will change your life) that “to restore contact with the senses, we must develop and learn to trust our innate capacity to see beyond the surface of things and get into more basic dimensions of reality, which Tiresias (who, although he was blind, could see what really is important) embodied for Ulysses, who, although not literally blind, I could not discern what I needed to see and know. Perhaps these new dimensions that only seem hidden to us to help us wake up to the full spectrum of our experience of the world and our ability to understand ourselves and find ways of being that nourish both ourselves and the world and reveal the most deeper and more human ourselves “.

Something like a new sense to find tricks to be happy in our own daily lives. And, when we walk through life mode “autopilot” without being aware of what it is in every moment, we fail to sustain good management of our time, we enter the dangerous path of stress, and we hinder our path of serenity , letting our mind constantly traveling between the past and the future was not.

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This is something that I note in each of the editions of the Program 40 we perform and invite you to experience and what they tell me who do PROGRAM NOW LIVE . And to hold new views on our common reality, it causes, from the here and now in which we live, can sustain a new sense of happiness in a changing world.

With these 10 tips to be happy, I invite you to be more creative in your life.

Start changing what you do not like and accept without entering resignation, what, even if you dislike, you can not change because it depends on you (actually, it is in those moments when the force of mindfulness becomes more powerful) it is the true sense of the 10 tricks to be happy that I leave then.

1. Get rid of a closed mind. From the orthodoxy of any form and condition of thinking is not possible freedom movement. Feel free to question everything. Feel free to flow through each of your moments (no one returned to you if you lose)

2. Do it quickly before hesitating. Through the practice of mindfulness or mindfulness, seated in your constant here and now, you have the opportunity to realize your dreams, utopias, ideas and projects whenever you put action at all times. Let your heart speak to you. Listen more often.

3. Get inspired by other ideas. Open your mind to everything. I recommend these 10 tips to be happy, do not think you are the owner or the owner of reason. Play, feel, observe, try to be and be in the here and now.

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4. Connect ideas. When your life takes place in the here and now, no one reality to you, but the sum of realities around you. To be creative or creative, also plays with these realities. Use compassion understood as the sublime way to put yourself in the place of others.

5. Be original. Life is for it to be lived. Do not stick to only one point of view. Do not think that there is only one way of doing things. Do not think that in this changing world and nothing to do, because dwell a moment of history in which everything is open and do. It depends on your originality.

6. Be a collaborator. If, according. We are in a world in crisis, but are all negative shocks ?. We could have as much contact with our fellow never before. Just think about the connections established through social networks. You are not alone or lonely, so both collaboration and coopetition are more fruitful than the competition. Do not lock yourself or herself and always works to get out of your comfort zone. That’s the key to redesign your life.

7. Come knowledge every day . Access to training and information is now global. The enormous potential of the network, makes today lets you decide if you want to know and learn or not. About what interests you, spend time every day to learn, to listen, to see, to feel. Seriously, it’s no longer a question of economic position, but knowing how to use what is right there in front of you. Tricks to be more interesting happy and stronger, this is undoubtedly one of the most empowering get to live in fluidly and off your autopilot.

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8. Use what you have, look for what you dream about. From this moment you stop doing nothing because you think you are missing something. Notes the possibilities that open up for you, right there where you are. Here and now is a true source of possibilities for personal and professional development. Only you will see when you install in the here and now.

9. Visualize. The display works are the best when looking for tricks to be happy. Dare to visualize what you want to do, what you want to achieve what you set out . Kaizen works in mode, have a big dream and break it into tiny to go to work on them and realize your purpose parts.

10. Take care of your mind and body. Among the tricks to be happy, this is also one of the most fundamental and which should pay special attention. Is not only important and essential settle in the here and now; at the present moment, the only real place where we live, but we can not turn away from reality as it is to inhabit the here and now, in a mind-body unity.

Take care of that “package” that has touched you in luck and do it with the mind from the here and now working with these 10 tips to be happy that I have mentioned, it is a good material to make fluyas in the river of life.


That’s it.



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