The best books of self-help and mindfulness here and now

The best self-help books and mindfulness for your personal development

Of the best self-help books it is that you want to talk about in this post, but above all the need to read to awaken the here and now.


The best self-help book you read is. Not worth to dress your book collection.


When talking about the best self – help books and mindfulness or mindfulness, I remember this saying zen saying that books are “finger pointing at the moon, but not the moon.”

As you know if you follow this blog within the information I send you and I write every week, there is a section called LA BIBLIOMIND where I try to tell you about the best self – help books for your personal and professional development.

In this case, just I try to talk to you about books focused on what can be termed as self-help, but also soil very interesting books include you deal with a topic of interest for your own personal and professional development.

The arc covers a wide range of topics, for the “use” of mindfulness for your personal and professional development, not only I see it as a closed theoretical and practical corpus, but I like to invite you to discover more reading elements that can provide you with a good judgment for your information.

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Speaking of the best self – help books, I also want to make reference to more practical studies, some more intensity, deep thoughts and new approaches to good self – help authors.

I confess I ‘m a bit chaotic reader in the sense that normally I usually have several open readings and, occasionally, I have to arrange them a little.

First because I have always had a great interest in reading and learning, and because the book as object also fascinates me. When speaking of detachment, I confess that one of the things I find most difficult is to practice with books.

If you are a subscriber to Plenacción, you’ve seen that every week I send the chronicle of a small book which I consider something like the best self-help books and personal and professional development.

I never recommend a book if before it has not passed through my hands , so you can be confident that everything I recommend, has the status of read and critiqued from my humble point of view and I just like to recommend those books you can make an important reflection, small or large wisdoms and best practices.

You wonder: What gives you time to read all ?. Of course, it is obvious that there are different types of reading when you sit before a new volume . Clearly some of the books that I recommend are, so to speak, “one sitting” and others who have more work reading and you have to do it with a little more attention.

As I like both reading, for years, as a rule, I come to read about a minimum 30 to 50 pages daily, so you go enjoy reading a good year.

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If you are not a subscriber or underwriter plenacción, I’d like you suscribieses for you to receive more timely information on the best self-help books, reflection, personal and professional development and some other issues that I sense may be of interest and they can be very useful .

Occasionally, I make some more particular those’m reading selection, the One and you all do get a pdf. You can see them from here in Plenacción.

We keep reading.

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