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5 Mantras to Meditate Better

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5 Mantas to Meditate Best

Mantras are words or phrases that are repeated again and again, either out loud or internally, and served as an object of meditation. Repetition helps quieten the mental processes and to focus more easily.

But mantras are not mere phrases that are repeated, chosen at random. They are words that have a spiritual content and especially sound associated with natural processes. The original Sanskrit mantras come. Sounds that are sacred ancient sages used for meditation practice, as they knew their huge harmonizer power. In the mantras it is also very important the sound, as well as its content. And this is easily verifiable: can recite a mantra in Sanskrit without knowing their meaning but can feel like your body is aligned with sound vibration, energy carrying you.

In the Hindu tradition, mantras are intended to synchronize the vibration of the person who recites his object of meditation. Its sound is as important as its meaning, and even more: in Buddhist tradition it is advisable not to think too much about its meaning, since transcendence is achieved through sound, which is the original essence, and need not be intellectualized any so, but only be perceived through.

Mantras you can use in your meditation

OM – it is the primordial mantra. It is considered to be the sound of the universe, which gave rise to all things and which contains all other sounds.

OM AH HUM – This mantra is used to clean the meditation area and to enhance the concentration.

OM TARE TUTTARE – This mantra invokes the inner strength, helps eliminate internal barriers and encourages faith and courage.

Om Namah Shivaya – Through this mantra is invoked Shiva, the deity who embodies the welfare and happiness.

OM MANI PADME HUM – The union of the universal with the individual and the essential wisdom. This mantra is a call to the divine, to the original essence and being.

Mantras are not only Sanskrit words. Neither even a closed list! You can create your own mantras if you wish. Below you will find some mantras in Spanish so that also incorporate your meditation.

Life is love and harmony.

I am God’s purity.

I am strong and I am able.

I’m sure.

I’m here now.

Depending on the day and your experiences and feelings at all times, you will choose the most suitable for you mantra. Whichever you choose will have a subliminal power within you that come through repetition.

It is a beneficent power that you can use to focus your mind, free it from the daily chaos and clarify your thoughts. Mantras are the sounds of nature expressed through the words to make us feel that we are one and we are the whole.

Give your life change you need. Get Started to meditate! Want to know how?

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