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Every problem has a solution….


Every problem has a solution ….

We have chosen a very special article written by one of our instructors Silva Method in the United States. Diana M. Castillo-Oulahan shows us how happiness is in our hands and depends on us how it reaches our lives and the lives of our loved ones.

Read this article to fill you energy and motivation on this day that has a lot to offer if you want it. Tired of the routine? Do you wish that certain things change in your life? Well here you may be the answer you’re looking for both. Read this article to fill you energy and motivation on this day that haslot to offer if you want it.

“All problems are solvable, if not, there would be problems.” I learned this from a mentor Silva Method for many years. The expression touched the depths of my being because I realized that if all problems have solutions, we have much control over the results in our lives.

This is so important to be aware of what you want in life, know how much we are willing to give of ourselves to achieve the solutions that we finally give peace of mind and success to which we all aspire.



A successful person is one who is always in search of solutions, we constantly work on their projects and hope to achieve the expected success. A recent example is the case of Mr. James Dayson, the inventor of the vacuum Dayson. Before success with his invention, he failed 5,126 times, until he could finally develop the product that has been so successful in Europe and now in the United States. It took 15 years of work (mental and physical) to be able to find the right answer.

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The example of Mr. Dayson, as well as many successful people, teaches us that failure is part of the process to find solutions. Often we succumb to any failure and we forget our aspirations when, the important thing is to learn from every failure and turn it into an experience that will help us improve in the following attempts to reach the desired goal.

Often we get stressed – sometimes exaggerated – by the problems we encounter in life. We care, sometimes an exaggerated by the magnitude of this or that situation. Until we get sick when we can not find a solution to what ails us. This should not, because the problems we see problems as challenges, as stimuli, as evidence gives our perseverance, or, as a way to keep our brain active. When we need to stimulate brainstorming that can give us the answers we need, we are stimulating the brain and we’ll fly more creative, more productive and more satisfied with our efforts. When we find solutions to our problems, we are in control, strengthen our self-esteem and are on the road to success

In the Silva Method we learn that solutions not only depend on our physical senses. We also explored and found the answers in our inner senses. When we think of Alfa, we can find solutions that we had not even thought when we tried to find the answer only on our physical senses. When thinking of Alfa, we discover a new world of possibilities that lead us to success. At the same time, we learn to rely more on domestic resources, develop the skills of the right cerebral hemisphere, where our creative imagination resides.

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When we are seriously working on finding solutions and we began to find them, we feel rejuvenated, energetic, full of enthusiasm, more confidence in ourselves. Finding solutions is also synonymous with happiness because we feel happy, triumphant. We are the conquerors of every challenge that life offers us!


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