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Mental Control: Living one day at a time


Mind Control: Living one day at a time

Article by Gutierrez Monica member of the Writers Silva Method program

mental control


This is one of my favorite songs as they enter the human mind is a journey; Considering as popularly said: “Every head is a world” certainly is.

Our beliefs are the result of our “domestication”: understanding this; as the set of beliefs and / or lessons learned, education from within our families, they passed down from generation to generation as inherited customs and learning.

However, time, space, environment and society are constantly changing and in this age is even faster over time.

Mental control

Our mental chip suddenly sees the need to adapt to change and fast because it also lived with very different generations and thus share knowledge and learn new ones. It is in these moments of exchange of information where we can evolve or devolve our awareness levels: love, harmony, empathy, peace and service.

Our mind can be our best ally, or if we walk “distracted” through life on automatic, we can simply “complotear” for not being present.

Our mind thinks, analyzes, rationalises, questions all the time; for it is based on images, conversations, learning, comparing life experiences, and formulates hypotheses future by taking information from the past or present.

Our responsibility; We know that information is stored in our mind, for this we need to have a filter that can be called: mind control of emotions and thoughts (we encode concepts to understand).

Every thought creates a good or not so good emotion (important is not to judge or judge); and give us permission to accept us as we are without approval from anyone else. This is a never-ending learning; it is day by day; repetition to repetition, live full color; trial and error.

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And that’s a good starting point for us to instruct the mind, I share an example:

“My belief is that if I give life everything and more of myself to others will be rewarded,” that empowers us and on this basis we live. With the passage of time and life experiences, we realize (the realization is sometimes overwhelming) that give everything to others and not always get rewards (which can vary depending on the expectations). And it is worth asking, and I give to myself? It is at this point where our mind goes to your files stored search information and it does not have a clear answer. Here we competence instruct mind that idea or belief can be replaced by: “I will do my best myself first, to give to others and thus feel full / ay full / a”: remember that the fullness is constant joy in situations of the good or not so good life, while happiness is temporary if rely on things, people etc.

Mental Control: Slowing to be present.

Here we have a new thought which generates different emotions and well-being. This is mind control: lose speed, be present (today) living one day at a time, knowing that the past has been school to be who we are today and from my statements and thoughts have the ability to change my life and decide to live the life we ​​want to live, not the other because as “every head is a world, the journey of life and learning is individual”.

I conclude by inviting them to lose their fear, to take the helm of his boat, enrrumbarse to what we want with positivism and enthusiasm, believing in ourselves “faith” and be clear that we are more than thoughts, ideas, body or profession.

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“We are beings of love, seeking our purpose or mission in life beyond our work and we have the divine ability to amend and change our way, how? controlling our fears assumptions, beliefs, thoughts that do not serve us any good, and this is intuition warns our heart telling us that distresses you? If your nature is harmony and well …… “

Then re-inventémonos with a better attitude and know that if we’re wrong, if we stop in the middle of everything, if I give up an idea or belief, if it makes me look different from the others and if I lose people along the way .. It I was losing possible on the road too, just in the end you will see that nothing happens.


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