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What are some favorite laughter yoga exercises?

What are some favorite laughter yoga exercises? 1

The benefits of laughter yoga?

I have already told you that yoga is a discipline that, although it is many years old , has adapted to the new times. This has led to the appearance of different styles of yoga in recent years.

One of the newest and most striking is the yoga of laughter . Have you ever heard of him?

Laughter can be a great medicine

The yoga of laughter is based on the idea that laughing can be a very good way to cure some diseases without the need to take medication. In fact, different treatments have been developed for this purpose, which are called laughter therapy .

From this idea, an Indian doctor decided to create a club of laughter in which people could laugh for no reason with the sole purpose of benefiting from the effects that laughter has on your body. Nowadays, this type of clubs is quite widespread in many areas around the world.

Combine laughter with yoga exercises

The yoga of laughter emerged to unite the benefits of laughter and those that produce a control of breathing , something fundamental in yoga. The yoga sessions of laughter are carried out as a group and the participants laugh without an apparent reason. To make the process of laughing easier, a series of fun games are made with which you are looking for disinhibition and let the child in you leave.

When you laugh your body releases a series of substances called endorphins that make you feel much better, since they are responsible for fighting the pain. It is an excellent therapy for diseases that affect your mind, such as depression or stress . The latter can cause diseases on a physical level, such as migraines or hypertension, so getting rid of it is very important for you to have good health. Laughter makes you see things differently and the fact of laughing in the company of other people helps make it easier

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Do you know the yoga of laughter?


In addition to laughing, in the yoga of laughter different exercises are carried out in order to work your breathing so that you are able to control it.

If you notice that lately you are in a difficult moment, do not hesitate and try the yoga of laughter . You will see how much more happy you leave after a session. It’s time to laugh!

The Yoga of Laughter ® arises from the premise that everyone can laugh without jokes, humor or comedy, or the use of toxic substances or alien to our body. During the practice of Laughter Yoga, laughter begins as a group exercise, and soon becomes real and contagious laughter, thanks to the visual contact and the cultivation of a childish and playful attitude. The name of Laughter Yoga ® 

derives from the combination of Yoga breathing exercises with laughter exercises and is based on the scientific fact in which, whether we laugh for real or just simulate laughing, our body does not recognize the difference between real laughter or laughter simulated, thus obtaining the physiological, biochemical and psychological benefits, thanks to the secretion by the brain of endorphins and other “wellness” chemicals during the act of laughing.


Currently, 70% of the diseases in the world, such as: high blood pressure, heart disease, anxiety, depression, flu, migraine, ulcers, insomnia, allergies, asthma, stomach diseases, and even cancer, are related to the stress.
It has been shown that laughter helps to remove the negative effects of stress. Some other benefits of laughter among many others are:

  • It gives us a better perspective of life, allowing us to face the challenges and difficulties with a better attitude.
  • It improves the respiratory capacity and strengthens our immune system, thanks to the increase in the supply of oxygen to all the cells of the organism.
  • Controls arterial hypertension, by reducing cortisol, the stress hormone.
  • It favors the production of endorphins, whose function is also to fight pain.
  • It is an antidote to depression and psychosomatic diseases, because it releases serotonins, natural hormones that act as an antidepressant.
  • It places us intensely in the present, that is, in the here and now, which breaks with the vicious circle of connecting with the past, which we can not change, and
    with the future, which we can not control.
  • Softens the most painful emotions, such as fear, anger, sadness and boredom.
  • It increases our social skills and facilitates communication, which improves our self-esteem.
  • It allows us to break our blockages and inhibitions.
  • It diminishes our tendency towards criticism and judgment towards the people around us.
  • It decreases our anxiety levels and makes us feel more secure.
  • Love, which is the nature of our heart, arises more fully, allowing us to experience and enjoy it in its entirety.
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All human beings, without exception, we have the right to feel happy and happy, however, often, we assign a negative meaning to adverse situations that arise in life, reacting accordingly with anger, sadness, disappointment, depression or any other negative attitude.

This is where laughter, our laughter, represents the possibility of reaching a state of permanent joy without any reason. It is a beautiful door that opens and allows us to discover our qualities, our light, our energy, our unlimited potential, our inner strength, our creativity, our beauty, our spontaneity …

It is also an opportunity to feel life as it is and to accept ourselves as we are, and not as we think we should be. It is an invitation to play and to share, and to live the here and now, which is the most present moment, in which we do not stop to think or judge, because when we laugh, we find ourselves in a total state of meditation.

After a session of Laughter Yoga, it is inevitable to feel full, loving, tender, cheerful, vital, energetic and endless positive feelings.

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