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What are the health benefits of using the easy pose while doing yoga?

What are the health benefits of using the easy pose while doing yoga? 1

Yoga, an activity that has many benefits for the body

Yoga is more than just physical activity. In the Indian tradition, it is a real way of life comprising several stages all leading to physical and mental well-being. We understand better why it is so beneficial.

In India, yoga is a philosophical way of life that includes several principles: behavior towards others and oneself, lifestyle, body hygiene, physical exercises, breathing exercises, meditation, spiritual quest .. All these elements have as their end the harmony of the body and the mind of man with the world around him. In the West, yoga often only covers a few of these stages: postures (“asanas” in Sanskrit), breathing exercises (“pranayamas”) and meditation (“Pratyahara”). But these three branches are already enough to bring to all practitioners many benefits.


In yoga, the breath and the breath (the “prana” in Sanskrit) are essential and coordinated with the movements. Some classes even systematically include specific breathing exercises, the ” pranayamas” (which can be translated by breath control). They help you learn to better control your breathing. But also to purify and strengthen the body by “automasages of organs” that are done by inspiration, expiration and retention of air empty or full lungs. In addition, breathing deeply, the brain but also blood, tissues, muscles … are better oxygenated.


Being flexible is not just about getting to your feet with your fingers by flexing your chest! Yoga postures are designed to soften many parts of the body that are tied, tense, blocked … or just that we never do or move in everyday life. The interest is that we will work the flexibility of the spine but also that of the hips, knees, ankles, wrists, some naturally contracted muscles (psoas, hamstrings …) … C ‘ is the opportunity to (re) discover his anatomy!

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Yoga, an activity that has many benefits for the body



Many postures soften and stretch the spine, which allows to “loosen” the vertebrae. In addition, it tones and strengthens all the muscles that support the back, while maintaining a good alignment of the body. Excellent for preventing back pain of sedentary or some athletes. Regular practice helps to relieve tension in the upper back (neck, neck, shoulders …), strengthen the dorso-lumbar area and the abdominal strap.


It mobilizes and activates all the joints (tendons and ligaments) and the muscles around them. Holding postures for several minutes relaxes muscles and tendons that become more flexible and flexible. Thus, the risk of injury is reduced because the joints are reinforced and more inclined to withstand the shocks and stresses of walking , descents of stairs or even the practice of sports such as running.


During practice, the focus is on body alignment, strengthening and flexibility of the back. Of course, we end up being more natural! Many postures also work balance. As a result, it improves its proprioceptive sensitivity (which allows the brain to naturally adjust the position and movements of the body in space) and performs more precise movements while minimizing the risk of falls and injuries.


Learning to “let go”, to fully live the present moment to bring the mind back into “here and now”, empties one’s head and evacuates everyday worries or parasitic thoughts. And why not, take your first steps towards meditation. As soon as the practice becomes regular, one manages the stress differently, one learns to take the right distance in front of the others and the events of the life.

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Yoga makes all the muscles of the body work in a more or less gentle way. The muscles strengthen, lengthen, relax. Practiced regularly, some breathing exercises (the “pranayamas”) harden the abdominals in depth. Many postures can stimulate certain glands (such as the thyroid), massage the digestive organs and thus promote the elimination of toxins and thinning. And overall, yoga makes you want to live healthier, so better eat and take care of your body.


The alignment of the body, the synchronized breathing with the movements, the rest periods between each posture or at the end of the sequences, the contractions of certain parts of the body during the postures … are all elements which make it possible to improve the ability to concentrate . We learn to channel our energy and use it in a more positive, more peaceful way.


By holding postures for a while, yoga increases muscular endurance and the propensity to exert effort. By relaxing the muscles, softening and strengthening the joints, the body learns to recover better between each effort and is strengthened in its entirety.

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