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To speak of full consciousness in this world hyper that such abundance offers us, but also much trap hidden, it does not hurt to carry out a withdrawal of “digital silence” taking advantage, in my case, Easter to be 7 days immersed in a ‘quasianalogue “life. That’s what I set about to start the Easter (I write this on Easter Monday 2015) and this is what I’ve found.


Mindfulness is the art of focus your attention on the present moment.

Husband’s colleague make the seal; ie, go get the focus. Pay full attention, mindfulness, mindfulness to the end of the day in everything you do and that not participating in a week on social networks with both work and collaborate express myself. Put focus on the here and now .

Mindfulness in the discovery of a week in analog mode.

Do you know how many things you can do in a week of vacation without leaving your city or town?

Bea did not believe me, but had no choice but to accept reality; Stay a week in digital silence focusing on the here and now, in the absolute freedom to listen to the heart and mind in the here and now. At the end of the day , that’s what I teach to do in the Program 40, so having that experience from time to time, it is a good deed to full consciousness fills life experience.

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So finally, after all, is the only thing you’re going to take this life is short but very wide.

Heat week, starting on Palm Sunday with the best feeling to know that spring is already present but, someday, return the pleasant feeling of chilly, and go scooter in shirtsleeves .

Palm Sunday in desvirtualización to meet with José Escánez, friend who came into my life through Plenacción and came to Granada for a brilliant project with his friends (and also mine) Enrique, Olga and Mar. We speak of the divine and the human and the desire shared projects that we seeds. Network has these wonderful things like desvirtualizarse in a week of digital silence.

Practicing mindfulness with friends

Put aware at the meeting of desvirtualización


Monday nature in full consciousness focused on targeting the present moment and feeling of holding hands in a newborn kittens that Bea, my wife, manages to find them a family of adoption; and that union with life reveals some new found friends and gave refuge to those lives and those who had gotten into his shop so you do not die.

Mindfulness in helping the helpless

In the flow of life you put full awareness in all aspects of life.


Begins the same day the X edition of the 40 practices of mindfulness and mindfulness. A small group began the journey to the present moment.

Magazines and newspapers in digital, but in this digital silence in full awareness mode, buy the magazine “State of Mind” and I find a fun comic book titled “Photographer of shit” and I feel amusingly reflected with my project www.fotomontoya.es but happy because it’s my project and my joy to show that there is another way to learn photography and personal development join with the image, emotion and imagination.

Holy Wednesday I buy my annual hat. What fanciest zillions for 6 euros if I have one for the entire season ?. I put in my full consciousness way to shop. In this new century, there is already a new way to be, be, do and have more conscious and leads to a better sense of happiness.

Buy full awareness

Put aware when buying something material.


“I am worth nothing, but if I say it ‘s worth to others.” The meeting with St. Teresa of Jesus through the new book by Espido Freire “Born for you. A month with St. Teresa of Jesus “ takes me hours poring serenity.

Time to discover, too, a novel by Rafael Escuredo, “Labyrinth of lies” whose presentation takes me Bea, and I like who does not expect to find much, but go with the novel under his arm, happy and eager to get home for start it .

Mindfulness is to put full attention and awareness in your present moment, and that takes full awareness also put in food.

Bea gives me the book “SaladLove” to experiment in new culinary and suddenly, ideas of digital silence arises the idea of a new enterprise project (I already bought the domain and keep you duly informed). I’ll just say I intend to learn and learn and have fun and enjoy ourselves with kitchen (advance I’m not a good cocinero..pero will go kitchen … the adventure is the adventure and I want to learn from you and you !!) and that one www.plenaccion.es and www.fotomontoya.es because what interests me is the serenity and enjoyment of the here and now and life. It is fully aware feed . The first salad did not turn out so bad.

Mindfulness in food

Mindfulness in food. Know and understand what you eat


Leave one week to the digital silence is not involved in anything, but if you see what happens from your silence . It’s like when you do a meditation retreat and welfare (soon I will recommend that we walk Esther Ontiveros preparing for www.vivirenlapiramide.com and I) in which you do not speak, but you can hear what’s happening around you. I say this because I am surprised at my Tablet and Bea tells me “but you were not in digital silence?”. Yeah, listen but not participate. And I hear Sergio Fernandez Positive Thinking , which had reference, but I had not stopped to listen. Great discovery !.

I get up on Thursday , eager to hear Loquillo has released a new album and I find a great interview of the Basque EITB in Iñaki y cia program and then jump to hear again one of those topics that I get on the moral if I falter in question “Where are you?” and threw me into the eternal value of friendship and coopetition. It is the great value of this century. Apply competition will be individualized; coopetition and cooperation will apply globalize community

I still fully conscious being aware of breath that anchor us to life and instantly present in which you dwell . It is from there where you see and live. There’s no more. Life is that simple before we move on finding the complications for not knowing look good. It is resolvable. I invite you to discover that from the here and now, it is possible a revolutionary new way of living without going further away from where you are at this very moment in which you read this.

full consciousness present moment, mindfulness, mindfulness. They never in history have been so many choices for happiness and serenity.

Week of digital silence to look back at what it is, no more need to be present at all times .

Be, be, do and have in a new time that is not a threat yet so I’ll paint; but a space for the adventure of living in the present moment. I invite you to discover through Plenacción and my social networks that are still in operation after a week of silence.

Jumps to life and now salt of your comfort zone. Dare to live in the here and now.


Ended the week opening two books “Homeostásis.Un continuous motion adaptive” and “If I only had one hour to live” and making room for new things to discover in the course of Omar de La Fuente “WordPress Genesis”, after taken this week to finish the course “Affiliate Marketing”. And you’ll tell me “This has nothing to do with Plenacción and full consciousness” and then no choice but to tell me that if you get flowing, everything has a thread to discover in your life is. Everything has a sense … that you want to give your day. Venture with full consciousness. That’s another key.

Do you own your day ?, do you mange your life or you carry them ?. You know: DISCOVER THAT IS IN THE EVERYDAY EXTRAORDINAIO .

Have you seen the amount of things that can be experienced on vacation without having to leave your town ?. Life is there, next to you to discover.

What if you put your life a little serenity from full consciousness ?. I hope to help you.

If you leave me a recommendation, do not hesitate to sign up to the next edition of AGENDA 40 . You will not regret it, I assure you.


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