In fact, yoga from wrinkles is not only work with the face , but with the whole body , because everything in our body is interconnected. Sometimes early wrinkles or a change in the face oval do not speak at all about our age , but about a violation of posture or a clamp in the humerus. Therefore, you need to use a comprehensive approach and work with the face , neck , shoulders ,chest and whole spine equally .

Warm up

Yoga for the face: 5 simple exercises that will get rid of wrinkles

Get air in your mouth and shake it from side to side , then in a circle , pumping all over the inside of the mouth. Then puff your lips and massage your cheeks with the tongue , the sky and the inner surface of your lips. Now massage your ears ,starting with the lobes and moving upwards , with soft circular motions. You will be surprised , but on our ears there are a lot of biologically active points , stretching which we run several processes in the body at once. Plus, this technique enhances blood circulation in the face , warms up , helps to wake up and cheer up. To finally prepare for the start of the main complex , how to grind his hands , Bring sensation of heat in them and the soft tapping motions with fingertips Walk on the face , back of the head , neck , hair.

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Strengthening of cervical department

What are some of the best face yoga? 13

With your right hand, lean into the right side of your head and start gently pressing , and make a head with resistance , as if pushing your hand back. Do this movement several cycles of breathing , and then repeat to the other side of the head and the back of the head. This exercise is very important , because a strong and healthy neck is the basis of a beautiful face.

Strengthening of the ring muscles of the eyes

What are some of the best face yoga? 14

This exercise tones all the muscles , relieves tension and smoothes the delicate skin around the eyes , making the look fresh and radiant. Close your eyes , look at the eyebrow , and then take your eyeballs to the left and to the right , without opening your eyes ( 10 times in each direction). Try to make movements conscious , bring your eyes to the side. After directing the eyeballs up and down also for 10 times. And complete with circular motions , let it be full circles with the maximum amplitude. Then open your eyes , place the middle finger under the eyebrow , and the index finger above the eyebrow , eyebrows slightly tighten up ( most importantly – do not pull up too much eyebrows , so as not to stretch the delicate skin around the eyes). Now take a look at the tip of the nose , close your eyelids and hold your eye in the eyebrow. Remain in this position 5 cycles of breathing , then open your eyes and , without removing your fingers from your eyebrows , repeat the exercise several more times.

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Strengthening cheeks and cheekbones

What are some of the best face yoga? 15

The following exercises lead to muscle tone of the cheeks and cheekbones , tighten the face oval ,smooth wrinkles and help prevent the appearance of new ones. With a closed mouth, perform several rotational movements of the tongue in a circle , grasping the inner surface of the cheeks and lips. Do 10 circular motions , and then repeat the same in the other direction. Now inflate your cheeks and start slapping them lightly with your fingers. At the same time, try to push the air a little higher , and patting movements do a little more active. Then relax and rest. After the break, open your mouth , so that the oval was like the letter  ABOUT”. Put your index finger under the eyes to the top of the cheekbones and try to smile ( you must feel , as the cheeks push your thumbs up). Completing the exercise , walk softly pinching movements on the entire surface of the cheeks and cheekbones.


What are some of the best face yoga? 16

Wrinkles due to the attraction of the earth , therefore , to cheat physics and the nature , do inverted” posture. Spread your legs , as far as stretch allows. Pull yourself away from the hips ,stretch forward parallel to the floor and lower your head down.

If the head does not reach the floor , you can put under it special  yogovskie bricks” or just a pile of books. Stay in this position for as long , until you’re comfortable with , and then gently , without sudden movements  podsoberi” straighten the legs and body.