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Has anyone tried face yoga (or some exercise for the face)? Does it really help in lifting the face?

Has anyone tried face yoga (or some exercise for the face)? Does it really help in lifting the face? 3

How to do yoga for face rejuvenation

The benefits of yoga for the face. Description of the complex of exercises for skin rejuvenation.
Yoga for the face is not just an exercise program aimed at rejuvenating and healing the dermis. This is a special state of mind and a certain approach to conducting classes. Previously, this practice was practiced exclusively in India, but the American Annlise Hagen popularized the complex of exercises.
Has anyone tried face yoga (or some exercise for the face)? Does it really help in lifting the face? 4

Features and Destination of Yoga for the Face

Yoga for the face skin – a combination of massage, gymnastics and a special mental mood. Carrying out exercises is not the most important component, the main thing is the mood and complete spiritual relaxation. Only in this case you will get an excellent result.

Before performing yoga exercises for the face, you need to relax and unwind. All negative emotions and bad thoughts should be thrown out of your head. Otherwise, you will perform normal gymnastics, which will not bring results.

Some exercises are based on opposition. That is, when a certain complex is performed, the muscles are pressed with fingers. This increases the load, but prevents them from overstretching.

Girl doing yoga

Yoga activates the work of the muscles not only on the face, but also on the head. This helps to improve the contour of the face and correct some age-related skin defects.

You need to exercise regularly. It’s enough 5-15 minutes a day. Many argue that the results are visible after a week of regular training.

Purpose of yoga for the face:

  • Flabby and very dry skin . As a result of muscle training, the person learns to respond adequately to emotions and not stretch the skin.
  • Broken capillaries . Due to the strengthening of the muscular tissue, the vessels and capillaries on the face do not stretch. This helps to smooth the color of the dermis.
  • Swollen cheeks . Under the power of gravity and as a result of reaction to emotions, the face oval is smeared, and cheeks are hanging.
  • Any age changes . This upper thin and flabby eyelid, nasolabial wrinkles and crow’s feet.

The Benefits of Yoga for the Face

Indian women practice yoga for the body and face for a very long time. They believe that the guarantee of beauty and health is useful food, a balanced emotional state and the ability to stay away from problems.

Useful properties of yoga for the face are as follows:

  1. Improves the oval face . As a result of training the muscles of the head, the cheeks are tightened, the second chin becomes less pronounced.
  2. Removes sagging eyelids . With age, the line of the eyebrows in women is lowered. This leads to sagging of the upper eyelid, which significantly complicates the application of make-up and aging.
  3. Helps to completely calm down and relax . This is possible due to a short meditation before the exercise complex. When doing classes, you must forget about all problems and focus on yoga.
  4. Improves blood circulation in tissues . It slows down aging and helps improve the complexion.
  5. Helps to fully control the work of muscles . Now cheeks do not rise as a result of an answer to a joke, but because they are controlled. All muscle movements are controlled.
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Contraindications to yoga for the face

Despite the benefits of yoga, there are certain cases when it is worth giving up exercise.

The list of contraindications:

  • Constant fatigue . If your profession is associated with excessive physical exertion, yoga should be discarded. This leads to overstrain of the muscles.
  • Postoperative period . Do not resort to exercise if you have recently had rhinoplasty or eyelid surgery.
  • Mental disorders and constant stress . There is no point in doing exercises without complete relaxation. It is necessary to step back from all that is happening. Most often this can not be done with neuroses.
  • The presence of open wounds . Any work of the muscles will stretch the skin, respectively, wounds that are slightly tightened, can burst and bleed.
  • Couperose . If there are enlarged capillaries on the face of yoga, it is worth noting. Exercises can provoke an improvement in blood circulation and increase the vascular mesh.

Preparation for yoga for the face

To ensure that the set of exercises has produced good results, it is necessary to adhere to several rules. It is best to train in the morning or evening.

Preparation for yoga for face rejuvenation looks like this:

  1. Before the procedure, lie down and read something. You need to relax as much as possible.
  2. Remove all make-up from eyes and face. Do not exercise after applying scrub or mask. This can lead to damage to the epidermis and excessive stretching. After the procedure, it is recommended to apply peptide serum with Botox effect Noia Derm for facial rejuvenation .
  3. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap. Do not touch your face with dirty hands.
  4. Before the exercise, apply a nourishing or greasy cream to the skin. This prevents drying and stretching of the dermis.
  5. Start with the simplest complexes. The minimum time is 5 minutes. Gradually supplement the complex with new exercises. In a few weeks it will take 15 minutes.
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Complex of exercises for the face

There are several basic complexes, each of which has its own purpose. That is, to correct the face oval, tighten the eyelids and eliminate facial wrinkles, various techniques and exercises are used. All of them combine the usual gymnastics, massage and, of course, peace of mind.

Yoga for correction of the form of the face

There are no clear age limits for the use of yoga. Cosmetologists recommend that from the age of 25 to take care of the skin, since the wrinkles immediately very small. Over time, their depth increases.

The biggest problem for women after 40 years is the “floated” contour of the face. In this case, the cheeks and corners of the eyes are omitted. The shape of the mouth changes because of the lowering of the lips.

Complex exercises to improve the oval face:

  • The ball . Put air in your mouth and swell your cheeks like a hamster. Now just redirect the air clockwise. The starting point of the ball is left cheek, then the area between the upper lip and jaw. Then the air is directed to the area of ​​the right cheek, and then between the lower lip and the jaw. After making several rolls, repeat the same exercise, only counter-clockwise. These simple manipulations will allow you to tighten your cheeks, remove the second chin.
  • Jaws . Open your mouth a little, but close your lips. Now, as soon as you can, push the chin forward. Hold it a little in this position. Then, as hard as possible, put your chin back. Now quickly move the lower jaw to the right and left. Repeat the same exercise, just stay a little at each point.
  • Teeth . This exercise trains the neck and eliminates sagging cheeks. To carry out manipulation, close your mouth and clench your teeth, straining your jaw. Repeat five times, but the upper part of the face should be relaxed.
  • Kisses . Close your lips and put them forward, as if you’re going to kiss someone. Return them back into place. Try to create as few wrinkles near the lips when they close and stretch.
  • Wink . Slightly squint your right eye, as if someone are winking. Repeat the exercise with your left eye. Completely close the eyelids do not need. Try not to wrinkle under the lower eyelid.
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This complex will get rid of bags and bruises. In addition, such movements remove excess fluid and prevent the appearance of edema.

Yoga for strengthening the muscles of the face

This set of exercises is conducted in the morning after awakening. Manipulation will prepare the muscles for the load and will prevent the occurrence of facial wrinkles.

Complex of exercises for strengthening the face:

  1. Slapping . Excellent strengthens the muscles of the cheeks and prevents disruption of the face oval. You need to slap your right cheek with your right hand. No need to beat with effort, there should be no pain. Patches should be like when a man who has lost consciousness is brought to his senses. Then, with the back of your hand, pat your chin. Skin with a slap should be buried 0.5 cm.
  2. The owl . Funny exercise, which is very effective in the impending age. Includes massage movements. It is necessary to place the thumb under the lower eyelid on the cheekbone. The indicium should lie on the upper eyelid, between the eyebrow and the eye. Push two fingers against the bone, as if trying to expand and enlarge the eyes. Do not stretch the skin. Hold it in this position for about one minute. Repeat with the second eye. After manipulation, relaxation is felt.
  3. Boat . His usually like to make children. It is necessary to blow out the air with your lips and make a sound like a motor. Usually as a child, we so portrayed the car. When performing this sound and moving your lips, you should move your head to the right and to the left. The approximate amplitude of the turns is 10 cm. You should feel the vibration in the chin area.
  4. Thoughts . It is necessary to put elbows on the table and hold the chin with your hands. Accept the pose of the thinker. Close your eyes and relax. Move the jaw forward and back. Then move it to the right and left.
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Yoga for the face from wrinkles

This complex is aimed at reducing pronounced wrinkles around the lips, nasolabial folds, and also crow’s feet. Practically all exercises are performed with resistance, that is, when you press your fingers.


  • Arrows . You need to take in hand an ice cube or something cold and attach to the outer corner of the eye. Press on this area, slightly lifting the skin up. This exercise will remove the swelling under the eyes and eliminate the “crow’s feet.” It repeats one minute for each eye. You can do both at the same time.
  • The pipe . This exercise is aimed at eliminating wrinkles in the area of ​​the nasolabial triangle. Sit straight, relax your shoulders. Throw your head back, and pull your lips with a tube. Sit in this position for 1-2 minutes. To increase tension, apply a palm to your lips.
  • Wonder . Helps to eliminate wrinkles over the bridge of the nose, which often appear in people who frown. It is necessary to place an index finger above each eyebrow and raise it. Now slide your finger over your eyebrow, as if pushing it away. That way, you will stretch the wrinkles.
  • Kisses . Helps to smooth wrinkles near the lips. For the exercise, pull the neck forward and stretch it. Pull your lips out, as if you are kissing someone. In the area of ​​”bow” on the lips, put your index fingers and press them. This increases the tension and resistance in the lips.

Yoga for the face from edema

Often the skin deteriorates, the oval of the face “floats” because of the accumulation of water in the tissues. This is very harmful, since it accelerates the onset of old age. This complex will preserve youth, reduce swelling and bags under the eyes and keep youth.

Yoga from edema for the face:

  1. Massage . You need in the evening, before going to bed, massage the forefinger and thumbs of the lower part of the nape. In this area, lymph often accumulates, which makes the face swollen. In the morning you will wake up without bags and swelling.
  2. Pressing . To each cheek, place a palm with closed fingers. At the same time, press your hands together, trying to connect them. This reduces the cheeks and prevents the accumulation of water.
  3. Smile . As an actor, sit in front of a mirror and smile broadly. Now smile constantly and return your lips to their former position. Stop doing the exercise when you lose the rhythm. Eliminates swelling and improves the contour of the face.
  4. The Lion . Open your mouth wide and stick out your tongue. Try to reach them to the neck. Now go back to the previous position. Approximate time is 1 minute.

How to do yoga for the face – look at the video:

If a person is not familiar with yoga for the face, then these exercises may seem to him the usual grimaces. But, in fact, with the regular conduct of the whole cycle of training, you can significantly smooth out wrinkles and make the oval face more clear.

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