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What are the principles of Raja yoga?

What are the principles of Raja yoga? 3

Fundamentals of Raja Yoga

Fundamentals of Raja Yoga .
According to ancient Indian teachings, nature gives more energy to a person for self-expression, if he has a strong concentration. Raja Yoga helps to concentrate the consciousness within oneself, to concentrate spiritual forces, to try to know one’s own nature. The secret of Raja Yoga is that knowing yourself can not be achieved without concentration.

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What are the principles of Raja yoga? 4
Unlike the external, it’s difficult to concentrate attention on the inner world, because in this case consciousness itself is expressed as an object of knowledge. But the human mind is capable of participating in what is happening around, on the part of observing it. For example, you are talking to someone, but at the same time, as if looking at yourself, on the other person, as an outsider. It also happens differently: you both work, and at the same time think about something else, that is, your mind, bifurcated, participates in both processes. It turns out that the concentrated mind penetrates into its own, most secret recesses.
According to the teachings of the yogis, people are weakly sensitive in order to catch all the sweltering changes taking place in their body. You can learn about internal processes only by turning your consciousness inside, making yourself more receptive, sensitive. Raja-yoga requires a person to be well-trained and has his own research methodology. As the Indian wisdom says: “Do not believe anything that you yourself will not be convinced of.” Truth does not need props. “
Managing breathing (prana), we slowly but consciously enter our body, thereby learning how to control it. Since saturation with prana is a complex phenomenon, it requires daily and persistent exercises. Yoga is recommended to conduct such exercises twice a day.
One of the requirements of raja-yoga is a strict regime in everything. Firstly, it concerns nutrition. “You should eat food that makes the mind clean,” says Raja Yoga. Take the rule not to eat before classes, because the natural feeling of hunger destroys your laziness. Be sure to spend all hygiene procedures in the morning.
Take Shavasana’s pose and relax. You do not feel your body, but do not sleep. The sensation should be as if you are lying in a large bathtub or in a pool filled with warm water coming from the legs. It fills the pool or bath gradually, with a wide flow, your body starts to swing freely on the waves. Consciousness gradually relaxes, and there comes an absolute rest. There should be a sense of how you are aware of what is happening and at the same time see everything from the outside. Try after physical relaxation to recreate a similar state in memory and in subsequent sessions of relaxation repeat it.
Mental relaxation. If you regularly performed the relaxation exercises described earlier and you did not have any special difficulties (or you successfully overcome them), you can go to the final stage. Remember how you spent the relaxation in an imaginary bath or in the pool and imagine that its boundaries have expanded many times – to the lake or the sea. Many of you have often had a pleasant sensation, lying on your back on an inflatable mattress and looking at the clouds. Waves swing the mattress; gradually relaxing, you begin to feel like in a state of weightlessness.
In the final stage of relaxation, you should experience a similar but sharply enhanced feeling. Try to imagine the following situation (although it may seem far from reality to you): the mattress attached to the glider is detached from the surface of the sea at high speed, rises high and you are in free flight. This sensation will fill your body with cosmic energy, life-giving and all-powerful. This condition is called total mental relaxation.
At the same time, you do not lose touch with reality, control the situation and can relax or enhance your feelings.

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