Conscious eating and healthy eating With mindful

Food conscious and healthy eating with mindful

Food conscious or mindful eating for your mindfulness life.


If you decide to get the “mindfulness glasses” to be, be, have and do in life differently, I invite you to begin practicing mindful eating healthy action or conscious eating. Your body will thank you, but the earth as well.


This is a long post, but I assure you that very interesting and you change the relationship you hold with your diet. I recommend it to you. Read carefully

Posts to receive “fads” there are some that are terribly harmful to you and the planet -case fast food or trash- and others that are a benefit to your body and mind, but also for the planet. This is the case of conscious power or “mindful eating” in the Anglo-Saxon term.

Truth, with the richness of our language, I’d rather talk about mindful eating , and so we will do throughout this post.

What is conscious eating ?.


Already he told you about some of it in other articles of this blog as “healthy eating mindfully” , “Healthy Lifestyle. The three keys that do not fail “ and ” mindful eating feed or consciousness “ I recommend you review.

It is something so simple, but sometimes so complex carried out by the frantic pace of life that prevails, and pay attention to the act of eating .

The practice of mindfulness in food conscious, since you decide to eat, to precede the purchase of food cooked later, preparing menus and their intake.

So simple and so challenger. Pay full attention to one of the moments, next to the art of breathing, more important to life, such as feed.

Conscious food and diets.


While a large part of humanity goes hungry, a small portion of humans we tend to move into unconsciousness, we sink every few minutes in the world of dieting. Is not it an aberration ?.

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In the case of conscious power, we would not be talking about a diet as traditionally understood ; but acquire a new relationship with food in a healthy and beneficial for you and the planet form.

It is to enjoy the act of eating, since I think what you will eat until you feel, with due respect and devotion, to eat what you have prepared or what they have prepared for you or what you’ve decided that you prepare. (Certainly not something someone as beautiful as you prepare food. Take it always as a great act of love and respect)

Therefore, mindful eating is not a diet. It is a change in the way you eat. Just when you enter that process through the practice of mindfulness, you’ll never go on a diet because your way to eat healthy and be healthy.

Food is health conscious.


When you have completed a program of mindfulness or mindfulness (In Plenacción you can do it in several ways):



you realize that the pace of life you lead is not usually normal and the most beneficial for a full life. Remember that you only have one and you can not repeat (as a friend told me, what reincarnation is fine, but the problem is that you do not remember).

In the same way do not you take your bike or your car bleach to move, we should take you to our body other types of “food bleaches” as we do usually.

The body is a machine that you want or you will not have to live life. Why we are stubbornly not care for him ?.

In the mind body balance is the beginning of wisdom

Food conscious and emotion.


Through the practice of mindfulness, when you become an observer of your own emotions and are able to change reaction response (when there is neglect no reaction-when attention is no conscious response), you realize how many times you eat in depending on your emotional state.

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Stress, nerves and stress make you eat with neglect and bad.

Serenity, inner peace and a state of mind-body balance helps you sustain a conscious power and a better quality of life.

Prevent disease, sustain a good quality of life, lead a healthy and balanced life, it may be a good target to maintain consciousness through putting in food.

Working with mindfulness practices for it, it is a good way that I recommend


Key to practice mindful eating.


Here are some simple keys to start practicing mindful eating:

If you want, you can also listen to the radio in which I discussed this topic at La Voz de Granada with Esther Ontiveros of (The program starts from 1hr 37minutos)

-Questions to eat. When put to eat, you can make a simple gesture, as in scanner mode, ask yourself these questions:

I’m hungry?

Where do I feel hungry?

What part of me is hungry?

What I really crave?

In response conscious, you’ll see what you really need to eat and why and we can say that there are 7 types of hunger Jan Chozen Bays says in his book “Eat attentive” :

visual, olfactory, oral, stomach, cellular, mental and heart hunger.

-Tap food. Put every way when you interact with food. Enjoy them from the start. Whether it ‘s you who acquires them , as when cooking. Food is life and as such must deal with it .

Eat quietly . I invite you to do that test from time to time. Whether you eat alone or single or family. Enjoy the silence in the mere attention to what you’re eating. Enjoy textures, tastes, smells

I know aware of what’s behind. For the dish you’re eating, has come to your table, many have had to work so now you’ll enjoy even have paid for it. Respect for the process, is essential when a conscious power.

A simple practice of mindful eating.


I propose a small practice that is a simple game of the senses and it is very easy to do .

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To do so only you will need a raisin or a normal grape, or a slice of tangerine. Something small and you will not melt in your hand.

  • Sit quietly and calmly at the table and places what you’re going to eat before you. Observe carefully.
  • Imagine the first time you’re at that you’re going to eat.
  • That portion of food placed in the palm of your hand. You’ll proceed to investigate “why” you have in the palm of your hand with the 5 senses.
  • Look, touch, smell … look carefully and serenity.
  • Shove it in your mouth but not bite or swallow it. Explore it with his tongue
  • then proceeds to chew slowly. Focus all your attention on texture, flavor, including its aroma.
  • To swallow for attention on the journey that makes that you’ve swallowed.
  • Think then the whole process will make that food. I am aware of the part that will be integrated into your body to liven up your cells and the part is ejected.

It is the perfect balance that occurs every time we eat. Life is moving and manifesting itself in all its glory.

However, we are not aware because of the pace of life is constantly imposed.

You and only you, it is start changing a small habit to have a new relationship with such fundamental and basic as eating process.

Improve the relationship with food is your task. Undertake a conscious eating is a way of healing toward equilibrium that we all need.

I invite you heart to start the process.

You know that since Plenacción to help and here I leave you three interesting books that can serve you much help.




Always remember that mindfulness is deliberately paying attention, being fully aware of what is happening both inside you – in your body, heart and mind and outside in your environment. Mindfulness is awareness without judgment or criticism value.

And always remember that what is extraordinary in the everyday.

You can now also chat program 21 of mindfulness practices online.

Click on the book for more information.


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