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Fundamental Keys to Love Yourself


Irene Orce said:

There is not enough love able to fill the void of a person who does not love himself

Many people live disconnected from its essence, its heart, which is an indicator of what you genuinely want. Therefore we noticed that we miss something to be happy and be good about ourselves. There are people who can not tolerate being with themselves, they can not stand to be alone with their thoughts, because they feel empty inside first person.

On the one hand, it is society that makes us believe that love ourselves means having vanity, which is selfish, and bordering on narcissism. Then we waited for someone of us that love to feel full and satisfied. But what will happen is that it will create frustration awaits us and we will fail in our attempt to feel loved and complete, it is precisely what we lack is that we connect with our inner self to fill that void.

What if this person that you admire so much or you want a relationship to completely feel told you: “I will not make you happy, is an illusion of your mind, what will make you happy and you are in your heart.” Would you believe that person crazy? , Because let me tell you, what you said is true , and not just a relationship, but with happiness in full.

Let me ask you 3 questions: how long ago you do not feel peace ?, How much of your valuable time you dedicate your being, pamper yourself, take care of yourself or know more ?, and what is the last thing you do to show you love?

Louise Hay said:

Life treats you like you treat yourself

To love oneself has nothing to do with poor sentimentality or ridiculous forms of expression. Give love oneself is something much more serious. This refers to the kind of comments, words, attitudes or thoughts we have about ourselves. Therefore, love means to respect, value ourselves, accept, listen and address our needs, that is, be kind to us every moment and every situation that comes our way.

How I can love more?

Fundamental Keys To Love Yourself

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To love, the first thing you have to do is to know, when you know you differentiate between what you want at a superficial level, and you really need to be well and in peace. What we need to love ourselves is basically love our fears, our frustrations and our complex. Accepting our whole being with your thoughts and emotions, we can free ourselves from the burden of discomfort because he no longer pay attention, what will make our fears dissolve.

We are human beings, and as such we like to share with others and have a good time. What we share with others, it is what we carry in our hearts. When we learn to be happy for ourselves without having to depend on someone, then we are able to spread happiness wherever we are. But if we live thinking that we need something, we have little of this or that will relate us from this lack, waiting for someone to come and give us so much sought after that we lack.

If only we connect with that source all of us, welfare and peace, someone would come from abundance, giving us the best version without expecting or needing anything in return.

Eckhart Tolle said:

The light is too painful for those who live in darkness

We all act from beliefs, desires and motivations that come from our ego. So when a person says a defect ours, we often enrage. When we ignore this childishness and mature as people, we accept and understand our dark side. Only by accepting that we are human beings, and that one day we are sad, the other happy, be free and pain no longer cause us pain, then just observe and we will have transpired.

When you love you stop looking for reasons to suffer and have conflicts, when you love, you assume that you have a commitment to yourself to create in your inner peace and well-being you need without seeking external factors. This ranges from physically take care, sport, food, friendships and even choose the type of people who want to talk. The signal number one or indicator that you’re caring and loving yourself enough, is when you feel you have energy, you feel lighter and everything flows. This will begin to regain control over our thoughts.

No longer we will want to have an “ideal” someone we thought we should be, because they just want to be you, and You will demonstrate accepting yourself as a whole person giving the best of you. We will know that we love ourselves, when no event or situation makes us to act impulsively.

A hug,

Elias Berntsson

Source: Borja Vilaseca

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