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Be mentally free is being able to decide what thoughts are with you and what to discard, be mentally free is to live in the light guide your heart away from disabilities or mental blockages, those who try to make you believe you can not or you’re not good enough or capable enough and many similar ideas more.

When I get stuck in your mind, pretend it’s like being in prison, tied to thousands of ideas that do not allow you to flow and move with the experiences.

Turning it on the same point and in the meantime, ruminating over and over again an excess of pretexts, justifications, rationalizations and analysis of situations based on what you have learned about life. The belief one day established in your psyche and not you realize, then, a style of thinking from outside you took it as their own, just because someone told you or showed you through your example that was the “truth” about something and you thought you maybe because you were at a very early age that caregivers, parents, teachers or authority figures are converted to the perception of a child in the “heroes”, those who “know what they say and what They are making “those who supposedly are not to be wrong.

Well, now you made yourself more, you will have to build or continue to build your own truth, becoming aware of what it is that most resonates within you, what is it that vibrates to the beat of your heart, what is more encourages you, motivates and inspires you to move forward in your personal development. In this sense, being mentally free does not imply absence of thoughts, but not let the fact be dominated by those who do not contribute to your well – being in all its forms: physical, mental, emotional or spiritual.

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Did you come to pass, for example, that your heart tells you to do something, but your mind is determined to convince you not to do ?, You want something, but you get ideas that’s not right or it is not right to want much less try to get it? If so, it’s because you’re still a slave to your mind. This is not to satisfy all the desires compulsively or capricious, but it is necessary that you start free from bias and excess “shoulds” of stiffness ideas, conditionings, of dogmas and everything that you end up doing for fear, not passion or conviction.

All this only serves to stimulate the left brain right manager detriment of imagination, creativity, intuition, in other words, the wisdom of the heart.

Regarding this, we find a striking example in the life of the famous American singer Marc Anthony, who in childhood was faced with stutter, being mainly through music that could be solved and every time I started to sing him They obscured. Today believes that thanks to that problem in speech, music became his best ally to express their emotions and feelings. This responds to that when listening to music is more stimulates the right hemisphere and the person with the problem of language manages to speak properly as much as when reciting singing when activated the same brain areas.

Here we see how there was an inclination of Marc Anthony to be guided by what vibrated in line with its great motivation: singing. He did not allow negative thoughts of the mind as: “I can not”, I stuttered “take command in his mind, as usually happen when someone makes such problems and just has such a vocation that involves language skills. It can be said that not being a prisoner of the mind, but otherwise free of any mental conditioning, he came to emerge as one of the very talented in the arts and entertainment world people.

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Also, it is interesting to note freedom at the level of thought on personality John Lennon, member of the musical group The Beatles, who as a child was forced to decide which father was and who also lived the violence that appeared in his environment. As he grew older he was developing as a person unconventional, who did not like to do what others simply to follow a standard, but to be rid of the “shoulds” chasing their dreams doing what both he loved: music, while showing great interest in other arts such as cinema, literature and drawing. Likewise, it is pursuing peace and unity among people and liked the simple aspects of life, away from complications. Besides, he was confident, friendly and idealistic. Thus, he went ahead without being defeated by obstacles.

Thus, this example shows us not only freedom in ideas and ways of thinking that can be assumed in line with the emotions (giving value to what it craves and experienced) but also the ability to do whatever the circumstances or external factors. After all, it is oneself who choose to do or not what happens. You can decide whether he laments indefinitely if the role of victim or rigid and harmful paper is assumed: “I have to …” “This is absolutely for this reason”, “That’s wrong or improper”, “That was what already taught me “and spend long hours thinking of endless way through a mental prison, which limits the possibilities for creating, decision and action.

To be free from the inflexible ideas, outdated and no longer serve it is important that:

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Tomes greater awareness of what your heart or what your emotions are communicating, for there lies a natural wisdom that is quite useful in decision-making.

You begin to see as a more autonomous, with full right to think for yourself leave you no longer impose external beliefs that resonate with your interior.

Have the routine of meditation to go toward training the mind calm and clear it of ideas too repeated wear you psychologically.

Go towards achieving your dreams, driven by love for what you do or what you intend to do. With this, everything else is manifesting positively almost “automatically” because the love in this sense (as opposed to ego and fear) leads to freedom, confidence, flexibility, renewal of the ideas, creativity, overcome barriers, go where you want to go.

You realize that to be free mentally anyone should ask permission, because it is your natural right. If you still feel a prisoner of ideas by external beliefs that turn endlessly in your thoughts, quiet your mind and starts to give greater voice and vote what you feel deep in your being, then that’s your own truth.

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