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How our thoughts create our reality



Each person has the power to create their own reality, their own world. You too, of course. If you are able to communicate clearly what you want, you’ll attract. Although not do it consciously, with your thoughts and emotions that they carry daily build your reality, you define its limits and possibilities you attend (and which not).

The key issue in all this is: what are you transmitting each time the Universe? Because it clearly define what you get. The important thing is to make this process conscious and change the energy you communicate. And for this the focus is that you change your thoughts, which transform the habits that lead to relapse again and again in negative ways of thinking.

We propose some concrete ways to achieve this:

– Imagining the desired scenario: By imaginatively put yourself where you really want to be displaying the desired situation, you wilt promote and will activate certain cellular functions and certain secretions associated with feelings of happiness -dopamine, endorphin, seretonina-. This will create a positive climate to attract what you want!

– Relax and trust: Essentially our thoughts are born of fear. When relaxing, quiet the mind and trust in the essential goodness of life, you can build a more loving everyday reality. Live daily in this climate will create fertile ground for your desires slowly begin to take the first buds.
– Let your thoughts be positive: If suddenly you find yourself having negative or dark thoughts, consciously you say “I cancel this thought”; so that energy is no longer irradiate the universe. One way to activate another sound frequency is to use positive affirmations (which can be written, read or say), repeating several times in a small personal ritual daily. By repeating these statements (eg “I am ….” “I choose …”), generating a favorable energy go change. We do not forget that since childhood we have been repeating ourselves, consciously or not, certain statements about what we are (or we are not), and what we can achieve (or not); and that in one way or another has created our current reality. The idea is to change the “chip” And obviously to be patient to see the results!
Abandon the complaint: Build a reality is better in your hands. It all starts very consciously awaken the here and now, and “clean up ” your own mind of thoughts that keep you tied to suffering!
The power is within you. By changing the way you see reality, everything will start to be different. Do you have other suggestions that can help make this process conscious? Discuss them!

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