The blame. The Feeling That binds us to the past

The blame.  The feeling that binds us to the past

Guilt, guilt, is one of those internal earthquakes that acts as a brake on personal and professional development.


Guilt, guilt, is what tells Carmen Durán in this interesting book.


“Guilt” Carmen Durán Editorial Kairos


Like I said in the article “the best self – help books and mindfulness for your personal and professional development” from La BiblioMind of Plenacción , I try to let you know I understand those books can be of great use. Many of them directly related to the practice of mindfulness, others having nothing to do, I think are interesting to understand our spirit for that personal development to take charge of your life, and other books as this of which I speak now which not directly connected with the practice of mindfulness, if you have a “tangential” relationship with mindfulness.

And that guilt, guilt, feel bad about past events, usually an important brake on any personal and professional development.

Carmen Durán, licensed psychologist, professional specializing in psychoanalysis and author of other books like “Love and pain in the couple” and coauthor of the book “Enneagram” says that guilt “has an important role in our psyche” as “leads to deal with the welfare of others or adjust our wishes and those of others in a healthy balance “ , allowing restoring relationships, rebuild links and facilitate coexistence.

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In these cases, the fault does not have to be a problem, but the problem arises when that guilt traps us and fills us with demands and recriminations.

It is there, in that negativity of guilt where the problems begin to appear.

The great chapter on “Anxiety, anguish and guilt”

Throughout the book, Carmen Durán shows us the origins of the feeling of guilt and shows the immense power of the release of that guilt.

As he makes clear the author at the beginning of the book, the hipóstesis of that part “is that the state of mental health, sometimes even physical, and mental balance will depend on overcoming the feeling of guilt, as well as the happiness and serenity that depend on overcoming “

That said, the author, along ten chapters, takes us into the tortuous psychological world of guilt and the whole context of the work, where we are seeing the tangential relationship which I spoke at the beginning about his relationship with that vital sense of discovering that “what is extraordinary in the everyday.”

The feeling of guilt, no doubt, is a huge brake that grips us and does not allow our full development as human beings. We impose blame and guilt that we imposed on us.

An interesting book to find one of those perverse feelings that make our sense of happiness diminishes if not treated with bravery and courage.

Good book to consider.

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