Irrational thoughts what to do With them?

Irrational thoughts.  Who are they?

Your mind, like everyone automatically generates irrational thoughts of all kinds and we tend to become attached as if they were those with the reason for everything. Own mind constantly boiling states of stress, fears or mismanaged crisis, it is a pressure cooker that does nothing more than put a spoke in the wheel of our standards. We seek a simple and quiet life, but often irrational thoughts, slow down our own personal development because we take too seriously. The problem is Whose are these thoughts ?. That is the key; our positioning in front of them.


When irrational thoughts or send us and send us.


The most serious problems facing the irrational thoughts, usually occur in times of crisis such as we are experiencing, since all the paradigms on which we were to sustain our way to be, do and have, disappear as if by magic, absorbed by the beginning of a new world that emerges as the previous still “gasps” like a fish out of water, before disappearing, and we find “solid ground” on which to hold on to keep walking.

Thus, these irrational thoughts camping at home tend to be very negative and draw, usually an unflattering picture of the future. But what happens when we decided to take the plunge and distance ourselves from these irrational thoughts that hinder us and make us to get into the lair of the comfort zone and autoalimentando the belief that there is nothing to do or any chance to develop as people ?. And what happens is that precisely these irrational thoughts tend to disappear.

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It seems simple, but obviously it is not. What if you have to be clear is that it is possible to turn off the source of irrational thoughts in our head becomes when we have lost everything and getting settled into believing that there is nothing worthwhile in the morning.

The key is to do a thorough job of personal fulfillment in the here and now with a great tool which is the practice of meditation through mindfulness or mindfulness.

Our mind, living in a constant neglect, tends to generate irrational thoughts that we came to believe at face value and those who do not put any impediment to not develop. It is our mind as a “machine messing around” in front of our essential self that can, under normal conditions, take over a new repositioning against those irrational thoughts, just from observation, silence to let the true meaning of life is taking charge of them to decide in a calm atmosphere, where you want to go and how you want to.

And is that as Joseph Dispenza, author of the book says “The placebo is you” that was released in 2004 through the documentary “And do you know?” “As we learn to change in moments of suffering, too we can do it in joy “and it is in those states where the practice mindfulness offers powerful tools for bailing your positivity in the here and now to work with those irrational thoughts that now grapple with in you can turn off.

You have to be clear that, against the mental noise generator irrational thoughts, whether you’re in a moment of placidity, as if you go through a crisis, the practice of mindfulness or mindfulness will help position yourself to them learning how to better manage the reins of your life.

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In a time of crisis like the one we are facing right now, irrational thoughts can not be a hindrance to our personal development, so it is necessary that, as a human being with a conscience, learn to work on them to the “roof” who is the head, do not sink into a sea of ​​doubt, but it becomes a crystal clear lake in which the perception of reality is from calm and serenity. You can not have any doubt.

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