Meditation to melt stress

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Article written by Damian Caceres member of the Writers Program Silva Method
Silva method to be happier at home

There are moments in modern society, where the pressure to be stuck in traffic for hours, debts, the fast-paced lifestyle, they begin to wreak havoc on modern people. Stress begins to be present most of the time, sabotaging your life.

As José Silva said, stress is responsible for over 80% of diseases, as well as keep you from achieving your goals and achieve your full potential.

Currently, most of the time remain operating at higher levels of brain frequencies of 14 Hz to which are 25 known as beta waves.

This means that e is stamos in stress levels for a long time, and we used to live in these conditions on the day.

It can melt stress with meditation

Your habits incorporating the daily practice of meditation in your life . Brain frequencies into achieving 7 to 14 Hz you will be relaxed entering levels of mind and body. Thus, operating at these levels, stress gradually will disappear, never to return.

With only 15 minutes a day to meditate, you will reach very good results in a short time, your perception of the world will begin to change and see things in a more positive way.

Being in relaxed levels of mind is essential to solve your problems you succeed and reach your goals. You’ll be much more productive in your work, your memory will improve markedly and start to enjoy moments before seemed insignificant.

To meditate just have to be in a quiet place where there are no interruptions, you must also sit up straight, and take several deep breaths and go by focusing on breathing.

During the Silva Method Life you will find valuable techniques to meditate and gain greater control over yourself.

Therefore, remember to make a pause in your day to meditate, significantly improve your levels of relaxation , thus, able to achieve all the things you propose. I wish you success and follow better and better.