Mindfulness meditation for high performance people

mindfulness meditation for people of high performance

If we talk about mindfulness for everyone, mindfulness meditation for people of high performance, it is one of those books that can serve to provide a good foundation on which to build your own mindfulness life without major complications.


“Mindfulness. Meditation for high-performance people “Ulysses Villanueva Editorial Kolima


With a foreword by Javier Carril , author of two books which I also recommend you like “Zen Coaching” and “DesESTRÉSate” , Ulysses Villanueva, brings a good discovery of the Editorial Kolima as this great work on what is, for what It serves and what can be useful if you decide to take charge of your own life and put mindfulness into your daily life .

Mindfulness meditation for people of high performance, is also a book for the world of business, one of those successful volumes being published and in which we as human beings endowed potential for happiness, not leave us at the mercy of the wind, but we are invited to the practice of mindfulness meditation for people of high performance awareness of a life lived from and for the benefit, not just us and ourselves, but from the consciousness of belong to an interrelated world.

And Javier Lane points out in the foreword that good skills that can be developed through the practice of mindfulness, as are focusing on what is important, developing an emotional intelligence (There would have to go immediately to Daniel Goleman with his “Emotional Intelligence” or its huge success “Focus” ), strategic vision, flexibility to change and creativity and innovation.

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Some skills from the world of both business organizations and social, economic or political, pending the major paradigm shift for better performance and is on its network and not just management, where the change has to be done.

So mindfulness meditation for people of high performance is so needed today.

Ulyses Villanueva, who is a good and interesting skill in the art, leads us through his book on the discovery of what is truly the practice of mindfulness or mindfulness. As he points out in a moment of the book , “24 hours a day of ourselves is hard work to stand without cracks, pressure you need a certain amount of rest and distance , is that, in many cases, are our worst enemies and our most exaggerated critics and criticism.

With all this in this book on mindfulness meditation for people of high performance, you get also the conclusion that mindfulness meditation or practice of mindfulness, is not incompatible with the activity. The author remembers that phrase from Bruce Lee in which he said that “We must find the right balance in movement and stillness not.”

And it is in that phrase in which all the good wisdom that runs through the book is enclosed.

Learning to practice serenity also from the movement involved in the work in any organization, because mindfulness meditation for people of high performance, aims to discover, as I like to say that the extraordinary lies in everyday and as says Ulysses Villanueva , ” in the end, the act yield and deprestar attention to what we are, ala n nature of things themselves, entails a change in the value we give to our lives. In meditation, life is also considered an art. “

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You enjoy it as I did.

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