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Can yoga asanas kill belly fat really?

Can yoga asanas kill belly fat really? 1

Yoga for weight loss belly: Top 7 specific abdomen exercises

The best abdomen exercises for you to lose weight belly and have a flat stomach. Specific for this area because they are what make you burn more fat, and ideal if you wonder how to lose weight quickly.

Introduction to Yoga exercises to lose weight belly.

The fat is concentrated in the abdomen. We could almost say that where before it begins to concentrate, and reached a point goes more to the cartridge belts. There will be women in which this is not quite so. In any case, unsightly love handles are formed that harm your image, and make the clothes feel bad, and often you feel less confident.

But this problem has a solution, like almost all, if you face it and decide to remedy it by making these Yoga postures to lose weight.

Strengthen and tone the abdominal serves to lose fat and lose weight belly and control your gut, which will be tucked in . So the visual effect is like losing even more weight. Stop by our Calorie Calculator to know what you eliminate when doing Yoga.

1. Yoga to lose weight belly: Uttapadasana

Uttapadasana to lose weight belly


It is a very good Yoga posture to lose belly or abdomen, because in addition to losing abdominal fat, you will get to strengthen and mold your legs. We could include it among those of “Yoga to lose weight legs”. Do 10 repetitions minimum, the goal is to get to 20 well done.

– Lying on your back on your WideMat, with your arms close to your body, and your hands touching your thighs. Legs stretched and together. Take a deep breath

– Slowly raise the legs until they are perpendicular to the ground, as if you were forming an L. Hold up at all 5 seconds, keeping the air.

– Lower your legs slowly while you expel the air, for 5 seconds, rest another 5 and start again.


If you want to multiply the effect of this Yoga Posture to lose weight , you can put your hands a little away from the body. What you get is that the arms help you less, and therefore the effort of the abdominal area is greater, and faster fat loss. When you see yourself well by repeating this exercise every day, you can get to put your arms cross.

To multiply the effect even more , you can put your hands behind your head.


2. Yoga to lose weight belly: Asana of the ship and light version

yoga to lose weight quickly

This Yoga posture to lose belly fat is the famous Navasana in Sanskrit, which has many variations. At the end of the explanation you can find how to make the light version , because normal is very demanding for beginners. Even so, it would be good if you tried the normal first.

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Normal version

– Sit with your knees bent and the soles of your feet resting on your WideMat.

– Place your hands on the sides, resting on your WideMat, a little behind your hips.

– Lift your legs while you lean back a little. The part of the legs from the knee to the ankles must be perpendicular to the WideMat.

– Stop supporting yourself with your hands. If you see that you keep in balance, try to put the arms stretched towards the feet, being in perpendicular position with respect to the WideMat.

– Stretch your legs.

If you have tried, you will have seen that it is very difficult for beginners. That’s why we give the easy version, or light, which in any case is demanding and will make you lose weight belly.

Light version

boat posture for beginners

– Lie face up on your WideMat, with both arms behind the head, that you will raise it as much as you can. Now keep her in that position helping you with your hands. Take a deep breath

– Keep your legs together and stretched while you raise them. The heel of your feet has to be higher than your head. Hold the air while you are in that position, for 5 seconds.

– Lower your legs and expel the air, for 5 seconds. Rest another 5 and raise your legs again.

You can lose weight even more if you do not support the feet in the WideMat when you lower them, but you rest a few centimeters from the ground (you rest because that makes less effort) and go back up to do the next repetition. It is true that doing so is hard, so save it for when you have been practicing these exercises for a while.

Do 10 repetitions a day, along with between 10 and 20 of the first exercise, and you will get to show a flat belly at a dizzying speed.


3. Yoga for weight loss: Asana del Dolfín

dolphin asana to lose weight belly

This Yoga posture for weight loss belly or abdomen is super effective. Of course it is simple in terms of the posture technique, but it lasts, and that makes it so good for burning belly fat and losing belly fat.

– Stand on your WideMat face down, with your elbows supported, and separated by the distance of the shoulders, maybe a little more. The elbows have to be under the shoulders, maybe a little bit ahead, but very little.

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– Rest your toes on your WideMat, preparing for the next step. Fill your lungs for 5 seconds.

– Lift the weight of your body. There must be a line formed with the legs and back. You will be supporting yourself on the feet and forearms. Hold for 10 seconds and hold the air.

– After those 10 seconds, it descends. The ideal would be to expel the air little by little during the 10 seconds of rest, but that will be achieved when you have more practice and stronger abdominals.

– Do 7 repetitions.

Do not worry if at first you can not, nothing happens. Do three repetitions, and with time you will go to four, to five … On the second ones the same. If you can not stand 10, make 6, 7, as many as you can.

To get the most benefit from this Yoga exercise to lose weight, your elbows are lowered. That is, the more elbows are under the body body, the less difficulty, and the further away, the more benefits.


4. Yoga to lose weight belly: Half Moon with rebounds

Half moon yoga posture

This exercise to lose belly fat consists of doing many repetitions to strengthen the oblique muscles , which are those found in the lateral part of the abdomen.

– Take a deep breath, while standing on your WideMat, with your back straight.

– Raise arms and stretch them above the head. Hold the air.

– Take the upper body to the right, arching it as much as you can. When you reach that point, make 7 rebounds and with each one you release a little air.

– Make this asana to the other side, with the same repetitions.


5. Yoga to lose weight belly: Camel Pose (special for abdomen)

The Asana of the Camel is called Ustrasana in Sanskrit and I present it to you adapted in a special version to lose weight belly . This strengthens and tones the abdomen. Then I present the normal version and the special version.

Slimming belly with the posture of the camel

Keep in mind the posture of the image. I explain it to you to do all the details well. The special version for weight loss is done like this:

– Get on your knees on your WideMat, with your back straight. The knees are separated by a distance equal to the hips.

– Support with your toes, that the instep does not touch your WideMat.

– Arms stretched forward parallel to your WideMat.

– Lie back, keeping your arms in a horizontal position. Hold with the body back, noticing the abdominals in tension. This is what makes you lose weight belly. Stay like this for 10 seconds.

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– Return to the original position slowly while expelling the air.

– Do a breathing cycle 5-10-10 (inspire-endure-expel) and when you finish do another repetition. Do between 3 and 6 repetitions.


6. Yoga to lose weight belly: Ardha Uttanasana (abdomen version)

Ardha Uttanasana for abdomen

This Yoga posture we adapt a bit for you to do hypopressive abs. The hypopressive abdominals are those that strengthen the abdominals through putting gut. This facilitates that these muscles “push” in the gut .

– Stand on your WideMat standing and stretched.

– Lean forward and when you get to stand with your back parallel to the WideMat, rest your hands on your knees. Take a deep breath for 5 seconds.

– Put the gut as much as you can and hold there 10 seconds with the abdominals in tension (you’ll be holding your breath too).

– Hold the position but rest the abdominals and expel the air little by little for 10 seconds.

– Take a breath again and repeat the above. Do 4 to 7 repetitions.


7. Yoga for weight loss: Asana of the Rotation

Asana Rotation yoga step by step

This yoga exercise for weight loss is less demanding than the previous ones, and that is why it is useful for the end. In case you do not know, you always have to finish the Yoga sessions with an easier posture.

– Stand on your back, with your back straight. Place the arms on the sides, without touching the body, and palms down touching your WideMat. Do a breathing cycle 5-10-10 (inspire-endure-expire).

– Bend both knees and support the soles of the feet.

– Now it’s time to put cross arms, and touch your WideMat with your palms.

– Lift the pelvis slightly, and move it a little to one side (left, for example). Now raise the feet of your WideMat, and turn your legs to the other side (the right following the example), keeping them bent, staying in parallel with your right arm. The lower leg has to touch the WideMat.

– Neck to the left and then perform a breathing cycle 5-10-10.

– Repeat the exercise backwards. Since this is the end of the session and it is to relax, no further repetition is necessary.

Wide Mat Yoga Collection for weight loss

– This Yoga to lose weight belly or abdomen.

– Yoga to lose weight Arms : with the best exercises for Yoga arms. They will make your muscles tone up and be prettier and stronger, eliminating flaccidity without weights.

– Yoga to lose weight Legs : with the best asanas to burn the fat of the legs and tone them, avoiding flaccidity.

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