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How Do I Become More Positive And Enjoy Life More?

How Do I Become More Positive And Enjoy Life More? 9

In the original Buddhist scriptures, Sanskrit meditation is Bhavana, which refers to the practice of mind training. In terms of yoga, meditation is called “dhyana” which means “flow of mind”.

How Do I Become More Positive And Enjoy Life More? 10


This is a state of purity and concentration when the mind is flowing unobstructed, completely immersed in the thought of cosmic consciousness. Thus, Yoga Meditation is a great way to nurture happiness in the soul. The practice of meditation opens up a great deal of space in your mind, a time to listen to yourself, to let go of your daily worries. When the mind is secure, people will perceive the matter wisely, more optimistic. In particular, after the practice of meditation your body will receive positive energy, which will help the body healthier.

How Do I Become More Positive And Enjoy Life More? 11

Scientists have proven that Yoga Meditation helps you relax, calm and improve your health in a natural and effective way. Yoga plus benefits through the benefits of yoga meditation.

Increased focus

After a three-month trial, the researchers noted that meditating each day enabled participants to be more cautious and more likely to focus on vision than at the beginning. Meditation helps change the electromagnetic activities of the brain, helping you focus for longer.

How Do I Become More Positive And Enjoy Life More? 12

Improves memory 

White matter in the brain regulates the speed of communication and communication. Meditation helps limit the amount of white matter in the brain that decreases with age, helps clear the mind and memory better than normal. Research shows that people who meditate every day eliminate the distractions in life, which will help the brain quickly integrate and memorize information and especially remember the details better. normal person.

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Analgesic and good for the cardiovascular system

It is no coincidence that boxers practice meditation after the matches. Meditation relieves tension and helps brain to be more intelligible without the influence of emotions and other factors. When you meditate, your ability to focus increases, your body relaxes and your ability to cope better with pain. Meditation helps increase blood flow to the heart, has a positive effect on cardiovascular health, as well as helps lower blood pressure and relieve stress, two factors that contribute to a healthy heart.

Reduce anxiety depression

Surprisingly, people who have a habit of meditating each day have thicker frontal cortices than those who do not. The thick frontal cortex suppresses the negative emotions generated by the Limbic system, the emotional center of the brain, thereby relaxing the sensation of anxiety, preventing dangerous complications such as depression. . To maintain the benefits of meditation, you must keep your meditation routine more regular because “the brain can return to its old ways if you do not maintain each day”

How Do I Become More Positive And Enjoy Life More? 13

Meditation and Yoga Meditation bring us clear benefits both physically and mentally. Yoga Meditation requires the perseverance and determination of the practitioner, when you overcome yourself, you will surely enjoy the best results that meditation brings. Yoga Plus hopes that with these sharing will help you come closer to meditation and more motivation to meditate, towards a safer and happy life than ever.

The Benefits of Yoga

If there is something that is consensual among 10 out of 10 practitioners, this is certainly about the benefits of yoga. Those who practice ensure that life changes – whether physically, spiritually or mentally.

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Yoga provides, beyond physical conditioning and body aesthetics, emotional and spiritual benefits. It is a fact that their practice significantly improves the disposition, well-being , humor and concentration of the practitioner.

Benefits of Yoga
1. Achieving and maintaining good general health

As we have said before, yoga brings us into a state of harmony, peace and serenity. By doing this, our health is positively impacted.

2. Improvement of diseases and respiratory problems

One of the most important techniques of yoga is pranayama, which involves the control of breathing. Thus, we learn to breathe properly, thereby improving our respiratory diseases and problems.

3. Decreased anxiety

The decrease in anxiety is one of the benefits of the best known yoga. As the practice involves pranayamas and meditations , we get out of the frenetic pace of day-to-day , preoccupied, and we come into contact with our interior.

So we realize that our problems are not that big, and, incredible as it may seem, they are workable.

Benefits of Yoga
4. Improving sleep

What causes us to lose sleep? The reasons are diverse, but most people would cite anxiety. As the practice of yoga assists in diminishing this feeling that does not let us sleep, it is inevitable that our sleep will improve .

5. Improved disposition and well-being

Yoga allows us to seek our own well-being. This is because, through practice, we become more aware of the integration between our body, mind and spirit. As a consequence, our disposition improves, as does our quality of life .

6. Flexibility

Anyone who has looked at Google practice yoga photos, most likely must have come across super elastic people doing pose.

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Benefits of Yoga - Flexibility

Yes, yoga allows us to get there and be more flexible – but we need to be calm and persistent.

7. Self-knowledge and inner peace

As we have already said, the practice of yoga is self-knowledge. It is a way of life that leads us to a state of peace and quietness, putting us in touch with our inner self.

8. Improvement in relationships (with self and with others)

When we are less stressed, anxious, more disposed and well-being, the tendency is that this positivity impacts everything in our life. This means that our relationships – with others or with ourselves – will also be the target of this intrinsic joy.

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