Zen in urban cycling. pedal meditation

Zen in urban cycling.  Meditation pedal

Zen has now reached pedals thanks to masterful book of Juan Carlos Kreimer in which proposes a way of meditation from the bike


“Zen bike. Urban cycling as meditation” Juan Carlos Kreimer Editorial Karios.


Zen roads are a walk through the discovery of our own essence and that, Juan Carlos Kreime r has brought the world of urban cycling with this book that I recommend and will not leaveindifferent.

I still remember that sense of freedom and fluidity when with just a few years, my father left to hold that first bike by the saddle and felt that everything flowed through the simple power to sustain and discourse without more help than my attention and padaleo … and eventually he comes to discover that Juan Carlos through the bike is zen where we can meditate on the move.

I think the content of this beautiful and entertaining book that presents the Kairos Editorial hand Juan Carlos Kreimer, is contained in these wise words: “In Zen, to meditate or try to meditate, thoughts and recurring concerns tend to take us by these circuits marked by habit “ and especially when the author goes on to say that” bike across the city and surrounding neighborhoods produces a different effect than doing so by car or bus. Do not travel in a shoe box looking through the holes, you’re in what happens. See the same thing from another perspective. “

Looking at the world from the bike is an art of freedom and commitment to the very nature of the human being and life, you do in the field or in the big city. Look at life through the Zen way is to hold your life in balance to avoid falling pedaling walking to lose attention.

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Zen as a philosophy of life is a journey of strength as human beings in the practice of care is the cornerstone of that path of knowledge.


Juan Carlos proposed throughout the book a new look for the zen is integrated into your day while pedaling along the road of life. And it does so serene and enjoyable to pay attention to the continuous cycling.

Relatively speaking, the book in which Zen is life engine has also reminded me that other book is “Zen in the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance” by Robert M. Pirsig is already a classic of literature zen but also the journey of life. A motorcycle trip through the back roads of Minnesota to California and also an inner journey of self in which Zen is part of rediscovering other ways of living life.

As in every practice and Zen should be followed consistently, the initial moments are of illusion and promise to be constant over time, but as noted by Juan Carlos at the beginning of the chapter on “daily life way “ on the words of Richard Alpert ” Just as no goals, there is no stages “and that” when passing the initial euphoria of any practice and is a feeling of loss of novelty is when you really start learning. “

The constant experimentation through the path of Zen is also constant through pedaling to get hold urban cycling as meditation experimentation.

Interesting book, then, in that Zen and bicycle, from the simplicity, become a way of understanding and being in the world.

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A must for those who already book You enjoy cycling, but also for those who wish to find enough thrust to hurl you into the world of the pedal. To me he has made me re-think bike ride to complete my day sitting on my meditation cushion.

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If you are interested in Zen or deepen their knowledge and practice, then you recommend any books that I have always near:

– “The Way of Zen” Alan W.Watts
– “Zen way of life” Christmas Humphreys Stephen Hodge
– “Zazen” Katsuki Sekida
– “Questions to a Zen Master” of Deshimaru
– “Letters of a Zen master” Seungsahn
– “Life as it is. Zen teachings “of Charlotte Joko Beck
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