Vicente Simon shows you how to calm the mind With this book

Vicente Simón.Calmar mind with mindfulness

Talk of Vicente Simon is talking about mindfulness in capital letters. Professor of psychobiology and psychiatrist and an expert on the subject when we talk about mindfulness or mindfulness, describes in this book a whole good introduction to the practice of mindfulness to calm our minds. Expert in teaching courses and workshops for professionals in mental health, has written this book expecting another great specialists with Vicente Simon, much know the Practia of mindfulness and it is none other than Christopher Germen, also a psychologist and author of the book “the power of mindfulness”.


“Learning to practice mindfulness” Vicente Simon Sello Editorial


Simon Vicente, Jose Maria Doria as the Spanish School of Transpersonal Education is one of the great introducers of the practice of Mindfulness or Mindfulness in Spain. From Plenacción and convinced that in these times, what is important when offering help, is far less competition but coopetition, I try to show, through books that I propose from La Bibliomind or items in the Guest Signature, there are people who are doing great work for the benefit of happiness, well – being and personal development.

Simon Vincent, as I say, is one of them and in this book, you will find a good explanation, simple yet profound, what is mindfulness, what it means and the benefits of their practice.

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Divided into six chapters and a final report of recommendations and proposals peppered with examples and guided meditations, volume I present you is a good primer for initiation of the practice of Mindfulness or Mindfulness.

Throughout its pages, Vicente Simon takes us by the hand by a focus on the practice of absolute presence centered attitude in what you’re living moment to moment tour, which is none other than to mindfulness. It is difficult to understand those who first enter on the path of mindfulness, when we speak of acceptance, you are not talking about resignation to your reality, but the real possibility of a change through practice mindfulness.

Simon Vincent, in the book, he explains very rightly attitudes that should have and to hold when mindfulness practice. And it is that as the author points out, there may be a first suffering is inevitable, but if you add that suffering resistance, the result of that dangerous formula is suffering; that is to say,. A second suffering, this is avoidable.

Curiosity, tolerance, loosen or detach, to refrain from judging, take us step by step into a new way of life more in keeping with our nature as human beings who have the ability to take and bring awareness of the here and now .

In Plenacción who have completed the program , 40 , realize the real possibility of change taking exercise with just a tool that comes standard to everyone as mindfulness.

I invite you to read this interesting book that Vicente Simon wrote to offer a better understanding of “art” of the practice of mindfulness those who want to make the decision to hold a simple, quiet life and, above all, well managed oneself. Your life is yours and you must take the reins. what are you waiting for?.

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