Fourth chakra: Functions and ways to activate it

Mind Control: The fourth chakra

Is it hard to find the right balance? Do you want to make sense of your existence but yet you did? Did not you value yourself enough and therefore not you finish you feel good? Do you think your relationships with others may be better than they are?

Answer these questions share, and as is always within you. This time, the answer is it: the fourth chakra .

Of the seven main chakras, he is the one related to universal love, relationships, feelings, openness to life and compassion.

It is also related to balance, self-confidence, forgiveness, healing and wellness; and it is responsible for balancing lungs, chest and heart.

The fourth chakra it is known as chakra of love, thymus, heart or Anahata ; its meaning is ‘intact’ , ‘no hit’ ; and it is located in the chest at heart level.

Its color is green, pink and gold; his mantra is yam , his sustained musical note is Fa, is governed by the sense of touch and its element is air.

In addition, it is the center of the chakra system and one of the most important, so it bridges the gap between the lower three chakras and materials, and the higher and more spiritual three chakras.

balance and vitality when the fourth chakra is harmonized appears; and also it promotes conditional love, compassion, understanding, perseverance, patience and solidarity.

Would you like to know if you need to harmonize the Anahata chakra, and how?

From the Silva Method Life you have.

Mind Control: Find out if you need to bring your fourth chakra

Fourth chakra: Functions and ways to activate it 3
Do you experience a deep peace and a perfect balance? Do you feel yourself owner? Do you control your emotions? If so, you should know that your fourth chakra is fully balanced.

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But if you feel a tightness in your chest and your breathing is difficult and forced you will probably need harmonize.

You will also need to activate it if you tend to lock you up in yourself, if you avoid interpersonal relationships, if you have negative thoughts and if you are afraid to express your feelings for fear of rejection.

But it’s not all: depression, loneliness, reluctance to forgive, insensitivity, passive and sad attitude, difficulty showing love and health problems such as asthma, hypertension, heart disease and lung disease are also symptoms that we must harmonize the fourth chakra.

Do you feel that your life is meaningless? Are you missing joy and it ‘s hard to see the softer side of life? If so, the answer is the same: you need to harmonize the chakra Anahata .

Basically, when the heart chakra is blocked we feel a great sadness, imbalance and disconnection from the world while the desire to live evaporate.

Is why when the heart chakra is harmonized can experience unconditional love, compassion, acceptance, fulfillment and we enjoy a perfect balance.

In addition, it instills great strength and great power of conviction, strengthens the heart and respiratory system, and makes us feel calm and happy.

Do you think you need to activate the fourth chakra? If so, before you mention to the different options we would like to tell you something: Did you know that meditation helps your chakras are balanced and in harmony?

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Ways to activate the fourth chakra

And if you want to know how to be properly harmonized the fourth chakra, you can implement some of the options we have selected for you.
Read them and choose the one that works best for you:

1. Music Therapy. Any classical music, New Age or sacred music has a harmonizing effect on your fourth chakra. You hear will make you feel much better, you are allowing the energy to flow.

2. Aromatherapy. There is a scent that has such a strong harmonizing effect as the essence of roses. Its vibrations heal the wounds of the heart, but also re They establish joy, and promote harmony.

If you want, you can do this simple exercise: lights an incense aroma of roses in a place where you can be quiet. Relax, close your eyes, feel the smell and look inside yourself.

Then, write down in a notebook everything you could see in your interior while the incense was burning.

3. Reiki. Did you know that Reiki helps you balance your chakras? And best of all is that absolutely everyone can learn to do it. If you want to know more, read it in our article.

4. Gemoterapia. There are several gems that help harmonize the fourth chakra, as kunzina, emerald or jade.

But if there is a stone that helps cleanse the fourth chakra this is, par excellence, the rose quartz.

Many people prefer to make a pendant with this mineral and thus always be under its influence. And it is that not only promotes softness, tenderness and love, but it helps heal the wounds of the heart. Also taught to accept and love, it helps you to open your heart and makes you sensitive to different disciplines such as music, poetry or painting.

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5. Yoga. If you need to recover from emotional issues, the position of the fish will help; because it dissolves emotional tensions. In addition, it will give you a sense of freedom, openness and joy. It also regulates moods and emotions.

However, if you need to activate the fourth chakra in all its aspects camel posture will be very useful because it is a position where the chest rises skyward and therefore ideal to unlock the chakra Anahata .

6. Cromoterapia. The fourth chakra colors are especially pink and green.

So we propose an exercise: get a sheet or cardboard either one of those two colors, watch for four minutes and pay attention to what you feel: feelings, memories, feelings … Mark your book so that later you can think about it .

What did you think these six tips to activate the fourth chakra?

And if you allow us a recommendation: besides that try to walk around green spaces and, above all, practice meditation .

If you meditate regularly you do you’ve noticed great changes; and there really is no best way to meditate to listen to your inner voice, know what your body needs, and relax your mind and noise of everyday body.

And for this, our free lessons are ideal: and not only to learn to meditate on Alfa, but because they offer interesting and effective exercises combined with theory, make your life a much better place. We encourage you to try and tell us what did you think????

How did you like our new article about the chakras? Do you think you need to bring your fourth chakra? Share with us your opinions, it is our best way to keep always giving you the best information.