7 qualities of People with high emotional intelligence

7 qualities of people with high emotional intelligence 3

emotional intelligence

Have you ever wondered what makes many people differ from others in the family aspect social, labor and? For many studies suggest that the key is Emotional Intelligence.

We could define emotional intelligence as that ability a person has to identify, understand and manage their emotions properly, so that it is easier to relate to others, achieve their goals and objectives as well as stress management and overcome any obstacle that comes your way .

Life is full of situations that generate different emotions, both positive and negative; and depending on how we handle them, so we will be people or very happy or very unhappy.

7 Qualities of people with high emotional intelligence

An emotionally intelligent person does not necessarily mean that a person is free from negative emotions; but the difference is in how it decides to handle these emotions.

In fact, a person with high emotional intelligence has 7 qualities; and it is to them that we will discuss below:

 1.  They have the ability to recognize their emotions and those of others

A person with high emotional intelligence has a large emotional vocabulary that allows you to be able to express exactly how you feel and reflect through words.

In addition, he is a person with a high level of “empathy” as it is able to put yourself in the shoes of others and feel what the other feels.

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 2.  They are able to manage their emotions

An emotionally intelligent person is able to control his impulses and is not carried away by emotional outbursts.

Further, in generating situations of negative emotions, these people know how to stay calm and have a high capacity to adapt to the situation.

 3.  things personally are not taken

Many people suffer because they take everything personally. For emotionally intelligent people, they have a strong personality and know not taken to heart the comments of others.

They know the difference between opinions and facts; and distinguish constructive criticism of the negative. Faced with attacks and destructive comments, these people know how to handle it away and less destructive to themselves.

Emotional intelligence accounts for 80 percent of success in life. Daniel Goleman

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 4.  They recognize their mistakes

They say err is human, but people with high emotional intelligence to recognize it.

When a person has a high emotional intelligence knows that mistakes are an excellent learning opportunity. It never is shown as a victim and if necessary, ask forgiveness know.

 5.  are not perfectionists

Perfection is an illusion that makes many people develop too high expectations to reality. This is something that I understand very well a person with high emotional intelligence, so do not wear wanting to do everything right the first time.

They understand that to err is human, and that perfection is a trap that can lead the person to get caught up in something that is impossible.

6.   They give priority to their health

A person with emotional intelligence knows that harm their health behaviors and try to avoid them.

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They are very concerned about their emotional and physical well-being so that you practice as exercising, eating healthy and getting enough sleep are characteristic of them.

 7.  always find the positive even before the problems

To adversity and obstacles, people with high emotional intelligence try to find the positive in those situations.

They are people who are overwhelmed with problems or are left to sink; but rather they put all their energy into what you have solution, which depends on them and that if they can keep under control.

Undoubtedly live a full life is possible if you know how. We hope that this information has been helpful and you start practicing these habits that will help you be emotionally intelligent.

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