Disconnect the autopilot

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How do you react when you are happy? And when something goes wrong? Do you start a new day and follow exactly the same steps as yesterday? Do you have the same behavior in similar situations? Do you do things without paying any attention? If you reflect on how you handle your life, you’ll probably notice that most of the time predictably react to similar situations. That’s because we act almost instinctively or, put another way, with on autopilot.

Pilot your own life

We manage our lives on autopilot: are instinct and experience who decide for us with every challenge, situation or reaction. Millions of people are accustomed to react the same way to similar situations despite having a thousand different ways to react. The pace of life and rush push us to automate certain actions or thoughts to make everything easier. So what happens is that we manage ourselves without being aware one hundred percent of what we are doing.
We have become accustomed to react to what happens, but the truth is that we are born to act on what happens. And if each of the people living with on autopilot to take control of their own lives, many more goals would be achieved.

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Because instead of instinctively react to any situation or thought, is not it better to use our ability to change the answer? It is precisely what happens when we disconnected the autopilot: we take control of our lives, and so they get only as achieving all the goals.
There is a difference between letting our life progresses as we look from outside and between take control and drive in the direction that suits us. Instead of repeating yourself “I do everything wrong!” Whenever you ‘re wrong, committed to finding a solution that takes you to succeed next time.

Spend some time thinking about you

If you live with on autopilot, you’re being an actor in your own movie. However if you take control, you are becoming the principal. Do not let any momentum, belief or situation tells you how to react: create your own movie and designs the main script for you, you are the main character. Creates scenes that you transmit happiness, joy, passion, optimism, motivation, satisfaction, fulfillment. Be creative and choose to live and how to live it.

The key to disconnect the autopilot is to be more aware of our own thoughts and our inner speech. With meditation, for example, we stop all the noise of our mind. This allows us to disconnect the autopilot and start focusing on the life we ​​want.

If we are aware of every action and try to take it positively, we will be bringing a better life. But if we continue on autopilot, our instinct decide for us the life we have. What choice convinces you more? Do you have the autopilot mode On or already unplugged? Whether you managed to challenge those automations, as if you’re still on autopilot, tell us your opinion. We would love to read it.

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