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What Are The Most Popular Yoga Accessories?

What Are The Most Popular Yoga Accessories? 5

A person who does yoga must have a yoga mat bag and a special cover for him. How to choose a cover, and for what it is needed, will be outlined in this article.

What Are The Most Popular Yoga Accessories? 6


A cover designed for a yoga mat is a necessary accessory, protecting it from various damages from outside. Why is it important to have “clothes” for a mat?

  • It’s hygienic.
  • Any yoga mat bag for playing sports absorbs not only the sweat of a person, but also his energy.
  • Use someone else’s or official gossip against the rules of hygiene and you are charged with another, not always positive, energy.
  • A breeze will always be aesthetically complex.
  • Comfortable to wear.
  • Excellent when traveling over long distances.

Criteria for choosing a case

 The assortment of covers and bags for the yoga mat bag is currently quite rich. It is not easy to choose a quality and comfortable cover for yoga practice. But, following certain criteria, you can easily cope with the task.

The size

It is important that the size of the bag coincides with the size of the yoga mat bag. If you order it in an online store, you need to carefully read the specified parameters and try them on your mat. When the length of the cover is less than the width of the mat, it will look ugly, which will cause inconvenience. But it is very convenient, if you get a cover of a slightly larger size, because so the mat easily fits and there is an opportunity to put something else into it.

The most popular are covers with parameters of length 60, 66, 80 cm.

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Homemade carpet covers

Quality of fabric

The strength of the bag for the yoga mat bag can be easily determined by the quality of the material, the solidity of the straps, well-stitched lines and, accordingly, considerable value. But a sturdy cover has a weight, which is good for a light mat. This option is mainly acquired by those who carry it on foot. And who moves on the car, or keeps a floor of a hall for employment, in most cases, choose an easy cover.

What Are The Most Popular Yoga Accessories? 7


Here everything depends on the taste of a person. It is usually selected so that the color of the fabric of the sheath approaches the color of the clothes. Now in special shops or online stores, you can buy “clothes for the yoga mat bag” of a variety of colors and shapes.

Braided rug cover


The most common manufacturers of such products are Thailand or China. Usually the goods are manufactured in large batches, so you should carefully look at the quality before buying.


A Newk Yoga Bag will be an excellent choice for storing and moving the yoga mat bag. The cover, generally light in weight, is made of a thin material with a minimum number of pockets, without lightning.

A Newk Yoga Bag has its advantages:

  • sewn from a more durable fabric;
  • with lightning;
  • many pockets, sometimes with secret compartments;
  • it is convenient in wearing a yoga mat bag.

Often a Newk Yoga Bag is used for outings.

Usually it puts not only a yoga mat bag, but also other things necessary for a person. What to choose? Everything depends on the goals of the person and the volume of the mat.

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Carrying Case for Yoga Bag

If you do not have the opportunity to buy a ready-made bag for a yoga mat bag, you can make it yourself. How fast to sew a yoga mat for yourself? We offer a step-by-step method of manufacturing:

  1. Prepare dense matter. If its width is 150 cm, then the length is 50 cm.
  2. Collapse the yoga mat bag and measure its dimensions. To the length of the circumference add 6 cm for the seams and free fit.
  3. To measure the length and add 7 cm. (2 cm to the seams, 5 cm to the assembly on both sides). In the end it will be 12 cm.
  4. Cut the rectangle for the handle and fold the matter inside four times for better density.
  5. The handle is sewn at such a distance that it would be comfortable to put the bag on your shoulder.
  6. Matter for the base of the bag to tuck and make a stitch, retreating 2 cm from the top (place for the braid).
  7. Unscrew the fabric on the wrong side and sew the side seam. Do not pierce the holes on the sides, for easy retraction of the braid.
  8. Lower the bags for the yoga mat bag folded four times and sew.


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