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Which is a perfect book for practising yoga for beginners?

Which is a perfect book for practising yoga for beginners? 3

Books on yoga, which are not worse than the coach

If you have long dreamed of starting to practice yoga, but you think that this is too difficult and is suitable only for experienced gurus, then the publications from our collection will dissuade you from doing this. We have collected here our best book-guides with detailed descriptions, diagrams and photos.
Following detailed illustrated instructions you can develop not only the flexibility of your body, but also significantly tighten your muscles, relieve stress, improve sleep and work of internal organs. Editions will be interesting not only to beginners, but also to those who have long been familiar with yoga. Constant practice will help you bring your thoughts and feelings in order. You will receive the body of your dreams and find out what you have always been able to do.

Yoga-antistress. Gently soothes. Removes alarm by Robert Butera, Erin Byron, and others.

Sports yoga is accessible to everyone, but understanding of its essence – spiritual development and balance – is accessible to the few. The book will become your teacher and mentor on the way to achieving harmony and tranquility, which you have long dreamed of. Daily stress, self-destruction and anxiety will bypass you when you let a true practice into your life.

Yoga Pilates: a complete course for health and strength by Jonathan Monks

This book is about you, your body and how you feel about it. Yoga and Pilates are the most fashionable types of physical training, but we have to choose which of these practices to do. Jonathan Monks, a well-known coach, combined both and wrote a book that invites you to create your own training system based on his exercises. Fast! Effectively! Dynamically!
Which is a perfect book for practising yoga for beginners? 4
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2,100 asanas. All yoga in one book by Daniel Lacerda
“2,100 asanas.” All yoga in one book “is a real gift for those who are ready to discover new things in yoga every day. Here you will find asanas of any complexity and under any mood. Just follow your heart and find something that is right for you!
Yoga for beginners with Inna Vidgof by Inna Widgof
The easiest way to get acquainted with yoga and to understand if this system suits you is to start studying at home on this book. Detailed explanations and descriptions will allow you to better understand how to properly perform poses, on what processes in the body they affect. A large selection of sequential exercises will give an opportunity to comprehensively work out the whole body or give more attention to what you are tuned to at the moment. Heating complexes for 10-15 minutes; balances standing on hands; the opening of the pelvis, preparation for the twine; deflections and a bridge; stands on the head; inverted asanas.
Bible of yoga. All you need for daily practice by Catherine Büdig
Since you picked up this book, then you most likely belong to one of three types of people: either you want to learn more about yoga, or you want to improve your workouts, or you are just a fan of beautiful pictures. No matter who you are, you will find what you want in any case. Even if you are still a beginner in this business, you should know that you have already started yoga at the moment when you decided to try to make it a part of your life. In the “Bible of Yoga” you will find exercises for the whole body, health, athletes, emotional health, hormonal background, mommies, sex, life. Attention! The information contained in the book can not serve as a substitute for a doctor’s consultation. Before committing any recommended action, you should consult a specialist.

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